Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hey guys i so efficient blog for two days straight hehee !

Anyways, today went to ACJC ! and i have to say it was really super overpriced... one diluted orange syrup was already 4 bucks, one haunted house trip is already 10 bucks! and to purchase their shirt is already 30 bucks! like WOAH only. Their games are also sorta expensiv ! It is freaking crowded and HOT over there oh my! Went with angela, wenxin, yanlin , yancheng, isaac, yiwen, chiachih , will etc! The guys came super late that make us girls wait ! *angry face* Max and marcus didn't come in the end sigh! Nevermind i will be seeing them soon anyways!

OH OH AND SAW MANY NHHS'95 PEOPLE. although im not close with them but seeing them idk why make me so damn god happy hahah <3

 Okay i shall let the photos do the talking. P.S very little photos ! TOO HOT TO TAKE LAH. 

qianling and i <3

eat icecream until like that !

first picture with isaac after knowing him for three years ohmy!

henna ~

cute nyan cat right?!

i am seriously in love with this photo <3 love you wenxin !