Monday, 21 May 2012

Cherish and Treasure

Humans always take things and people for granted. Don't you guys agree? Why oh why can't we learn how to cherish, why must we always lose them, then realise how important are they to us?

Let's take artists for example. When they are dead, then their art pieces are more valuable. Have you ever wondered why so? Simple. There won't be any more pieces being made by them ever again.

Many of us teenagers, we dislike our parents don't we? I have to say at times, or should i say most of the time, I can't stand my parents. They are all so naggy, so unreasonable. But do you know if they don't care, they won't even bother scolding?

Can you imagine if you stole something, and you told your parents. And their reaction is nothing, they didn't say anything and just walk away. It means they have already lost hope in you. It's freaking more painful to them than to you when they slap you. It's like a stab to them.

When things go wrong in our lives, they are there to clear things up for us. But do we ever appreciate them? We are too used to people cleaning up our mess, too used to having people to be there caring for us, that we do not know how to treasure. That seriously stinks.

Why must we always have to lose something, then we can learn ?

Eg. 1 of real life story : Mike, he wasn't so close to his father since young. Before his father passed away, his father gave him a wallet. After that he seriously treat that wallet as gold. He never ever changed his wallet ever since. So what if the wallet isn't branded, so what if it is dirty? Anyone who dares to touch it, he will get mad. One day, his wallet was lost. He wasn't sad about the lost of his IC, his money, his cards, but that old wallet. People suggest him to buy the same wallet again if he is really upset, but what's the point. There is no point anymore.

We don't get second chances in life.

I am guilty. Of always not treasuring my family, my friends, and my ex-boyfriend. So what happen ? I lost my true friends, i lost my boyfriend/bestfriend. I almost lost my family, but i didn't. 

Family is the only people who won't easily give up on you, no matter what you do, no matter how you treat them, they will always love you and be there for you. But that doesn't mean you can don't treasure them.

I know sometimes when we are really troubled, we are really upset, we tend to throw others aside. We tend to push them away. But then by doing that, you are making them tired of always being there for you when you don't give a shit about them, making them find that it's not worth it. Even if people do care about you, they will slowly leave.

so treasure Treasure TREASURE, don't only regret after you lose them