Sunday, 6 May 2012

Domino's Pizza Review

Hey guys, as the title of the post states, i will be talking about DOMINO's PIZZA ! Thanks to Singapore Blog Awards, , i have been invited with a few other bloggers to Kovan's Outlet to nom nom on pizzas on the 3rd May.

Trust me, it is much tastier than Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza. Their 4 key unique selling prepositions to customers are :

1. 30 minute delivery guarantee; 15 minute takeout guarantee
2. Product satisfaction guarantee
3. Free felivery
4. Nett pricing

On that day itself. they show us how to make online ordering and i was BLOWN AWAY with how awesome it is.  It is much better to order online then other through phone ! As they have amazing offers to you if you order online !


This is the homepage of Domino's 

This is where you will have to fill in your particulars ! When you type in your postcode, they will take about 3 seconds and they will auto pop up your address particulars as they already saved it ! If however, they did not show your street or block after you type in your postcode, I am so sorry but they do not deliver your area YET . 

This are their outlets so far but don't worry ! They will be opening 13 more outlets this year ! ( click on the image to view the outlets bigger )

You guys HAVE TO TRY THE CLASSIFIED CHICKEN OMG. if you are a cheese lover, you will not regret trying this !

Also, one of the benefits of ordering online, is that you can get Chocolate Lava Cake for 50% off.

Here are the pictures taken on that day, sorry for the low quality as i didn't bring my dslr !

      Okay the amazing thing about this GPS tracker is that you can track what they are doing ! Like which step are they at already ! Super accurate. And it is guaranteed that they deliver in 30 minutes. I have tried it out ! ITS SUPER COOL LAH.

FOR GIRLS : The best about Domino's Pizza is.. everything is BAKED, not fried (: 

So what are you waiting for ? Go to now !

Delivery is here !! 


This is the Chocolate Lava Cake 

This is the Crazy Chicken Crunchies - Tomyam flavour

     Let's Hulahoop shall we ? Hahah !

That's it for this post ! I know it is a little bit messy and all as i am rushing for time now ! Sorry for that. And i couldn't find the group photo ! Oh well.. Once again i have to thank OMY.SG for creating this event for us. Do click on my Nuffnang down below this post thanks ! xx