Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Here we go again

Went out with Ginfang ! Suppose to be a study date.. BUT OBVIOUSLY FAILED RIGHT ?! We went to watch " The Lucky One " at Jcube !

 OBVIOUSLY... WE WATCH COS OF ZAC EFRON!!! Here is the trailer (: many people say it was boring etc but i find it sorta okay !

Just for the fact that i can't stand that WHY THE HELL IS HE HAVING SEX SCENES WITH SOMEONE OLDER THAN HIM :'( actually she don't really look old but like when they are having that 'moment' she suddenly look very old for it >< ( WEIRD ME ) i bet if like vanessa hudgens or megan fox etc is acting as the female lead, surely it will be a hit !

was watching halfway and then realised ACTUALLY I READ THIS BOOK BEFORE HAHA. totally know what is the climax and ending etc. Feel smart for once heheh. 

foods that we snuck in to nomnom at !

acting like model ( no expression ) this took us like dk 5 plus minutes to do cos we keep laughing our asses off every 3 seconds ! and the lighting ruin it all but HECK. our efforts <3

pretty cutie bbg <3