Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Out out out we go

It is 15 may, and it is the FIRST TIME i ever went out to my two closest friends in school (since Sec 1) for this year , huiyi and wenxin. Yeah sure we do hang out in school during recess etc. But never really went out to town or smth to shop together and eat together. Life is so hectic that i can't stand it.

So yeah we went out together and i bloody hell wait for wenxin for like more than an hour ! First time in my life that i actually wait for someone at that particular spot for so long LOL ! Sweat like madddd. And yeah, i am constantly known for always being LATE. like literally everytime. even for events, parties, shows. I WAS NEVER EARLY... so wenxin if you are reading this, be honored (:

Actually i know that no one actually bothers to read what i write HAHA, everyone view blogs mainly cos of the pictures right ?! So yeah i will just shuddup and get to the pictures !

OH YEAH, say hi to my new camera, Olympus EPL 1 WHITE (: will do a review on it soon.

Tiong Bahru blackout issit...

CUT HAIR * snap snap *

why look so angry :( 


we got swagger. nuff said.

wow, fantastic baby -

Okay. Super tired. But today i'm like super efficient lor just come home haven eat or shower straightaway upload pics and blog. GOOD RIGHT ?! LOL kk i am so lame omg. Nights people have a awesome day in school tomorrow buhbye.xx