Thursday, 17 May 2012

Red Within Me

This will be my contacts of the month! Well for school at least. If go out maybe will switch between grey, blue, brown or this color ! 

Anyway this is the Super Pinky 14.8mm lens in the color Wine Red. It can last up till a year but i guess i will be using it for a month before disposing it ! AND YES, this is the first time im actually wearing 14.8mm.. Like i always thought that my eyes cmi already when i wear 14.2mm as it is a perfect fit. I bought 14.8mm by mistake and when i tried it out, I realised that it isn't too big after all !

If you guys are interested, do go down to

Oh yeah last week was Mother's Day, made my mom some stuff. We simply just went out for lunch, and then watch Avengers ! quite a simple day as i have tuition at night #moodspoiler. I know this is kinda late but wishing all the mothers on Earth a happy belated Mother's Day <3 

all handmade ! took me blood long to make this bouquet. Wanted to make 99 roses but I can't seem to make them into a bouquet as it was too big and the stem is like satay sticks wrapped with green tapes, how to even bundle them together when they are like solid hard? :'(

simple card made and my mom was disappointed.. :( sorry mom i only took like 10 minutes as i was rushing for time :( 

Look at how broken this Chocolate Fudge cake is *sigh* 

love you mummy <3