Monday, 11 June 2012

Domino's New iPhone App

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Hey guys I'm back again with another post about DOMINO's PIZZA ! If you haven't check out my previous post about Domino's Pizza Online Ordering, my favourite pizza picks and what's so good about Domino, please click here 

Today i am going to share with you guys the Mobile Version for ordering pizza ! Be honored guys, Singapore is the FIRST country to launch the Domino's iPhone application ! HOORAY ! 

Here is how to do it !
download it from your app store !

there are many deals to choose from

you can track your order through this GPS tracker like their website !

this are their stalls in Singapore.

to order, you have to register yourself. don't worry it is free to register !

1. no GST or delivery charges
2.when you make an order using your iPhone, you get an additional side-dish for FREE. (shake your phone, ipad ! )
3. each 50th luck customer will receive one FREE regular pizza ! 
4.first time orders will receive a FREE lava cake too ! (p.s chocolate lava cakes are awesome)

My Review on it : 
I have been ordering pizzas from them through the internet and iPhone app, and it is really very efficient. They really rush to hit that 30 minute delivery target. Even during rush hours ! So, what is the difference between Domino's Pizza, Canadian pizza and Pizza Hut. I should say Domino's Pizza services won my heart over. Once, they were only late for like 2 minutes during rush hour about 7.30pm, they immediately apologised and gave a free coupon for a regular pizza ! HOW GREAT IS THEIR SERVICE ?!

LIKE WHAT... how can Singapore have such cheap pizza deals, and have such good services one?! So what are you waiting for ? Go for it ! 


picture of me and huijin <3

picture of me and quinie <3 

with Jae ! Love her accent so much !

the view from on top !

in the Singapore Flyer with bloggers !

im going to leave it upside down cos it brings back the memories ! Haha william was trying to take pic with all 4 of us but my Olympus Pen was too bulky that he have to hold upside down, thus this blurry upside down image !

awesome view or what ?!

hello quinie
 me and chiro !

 after the Flyer, we went to Sportsbar to have our dinner buffet !

 my meal. All healthy except for the eclair and the creampuff..
 william and yuhao ^^
 Sitting together with hayley, william, yuhao, sochii, huijin,jae,quinie,maybeline and shine !
 me chiro and quinie <3

 photo of us again with Janet !! <3

 going home at midnight ! Long train ride home..

Bye for now ! <3