Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shaw JCube and Shaw IMAX !

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Woohoo yet ANOTHER POST ! Today i am going to talk about IMAX.

SHAW THEATRES is proud to open their very own IMAX . The IMAX Experience is powered by a combination of the world's sharpest and brightest images, laser-aligned digital surround sound and custom-designed digital surround sound and theatres.
 Shaw Theatres JCube is cinema operator's latest multiplex and it opened on 5 April with 7 screens, including an IMAXtheatre (Singapore's second)Bringing Hollywood blockbusters and quality entertainment right to the doorsteps of residents in the west of Singapore


1. Crystal-Clear Images
Whether you're experiencing a movie in 2D or 3D, the visual clarity is unsurpassed.

2. Laser-Aligned Sound
A powerful state-of-the-art digital surround sound system features laser-aligned loudspeakers precisely tuned for each movie presentation. You'll experience fantastic sound quality regardless of where you are seated.

3. Immersive Theatre Geometry
IMAX theatre geometry is designed to maximize your field of view. You'll feel fully immersed-like you're IN the movie ! 

The seats are extremely comfortable to sit in. If the Amazing Spiderman was not awesome enough for me, i would have fallen asleep cos it is comfortable. The screen is HUGE. And seriously, i feel like I'm actually in the movie itself. The 3D glasses are SUPER comfortable to wear ! Don't you feel so sian diao when you go for a movie and the 3D glasses are like sai like that... I seriously enjoy watching in IMAX. I find it worth it to pay that extra amount to watch a movie in comfort.

P.S AMAZING SPIDERMAN WAS FUCKING AWESOME NO KIDDING. ( not only because the main character is cute )


happy girl me. complimentary tickets !

WILL BLOG TOMORROW I PROMISE THIS TIME IM SERIOUS. now i have to go study for history test ): till tomorrow muacks <3