Monday, 2 July 2012

Shine Youth Festival Opening + Jayesslee

Hey there ! Yesterday i had an awesome aftnoon and evening how about you guys ? Did you guys go for the Shine Youth Festival at Ngee Ann City? IT WAS HELL FUN ! There are so many interesting activities, booths, performances !

Super sad thing. I was rushing to go for the Jayeslee interview session. and guess what, i brought two cameras, one dslr and one olympus pen, BOTH NO SIM CARD INSIDE... left it at home.. So the whole interview session with them i didnt take any photos or videos like ohmygod. Was cursing and swearing at myself !! After the interview then i decided to buy two new memory cards to use.. Sigh.

But luckily ! Joey taken some photos during the interview ! Shall kop from her blog after she updated hehee <3

Me, miranda, joey and eileen were looking at this and we were like "OMG"

nomnom ! my unhealthy lunch

check me and huijin out ! watch the video and see our epicness, failing to push each other down (:

the booth person gave me two priority standing tickets !

here is my blogger media pass ! 

hello videographer miranda !

arent they cute ? (: 

omg the troll face dude is super funny i swear !

oh yeah forgot to mention, this is the cosmo parade, a part of the event !

And look who i found with a Media pass as well on the street... Hayley ! We were like pointing at each other and saying " ehhhh.... you ah ! " After that we spend the whole day together.

so unfair that the light is shining on her and not me too ):

LOOK WHO I FOUND AGAIN ! Kiyo <3 so long no see her ): 

 this dude confirm feels freaking awkward... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

hey spiderman !

Yay <3 love them miss them so much. They are the photographers of the Shine event !

eh bump into Quinie and Huijin too !

Tzire why give this face... ):

actually idk who is he, then i realised he is the minister HAHA

yay he asked me and hayley to take picture with him ! And he ask us for our blog link and i was like omggggggggggg.

pretty hayley !

erm no comments...

THIS IS SUPER FUNNY I SWEAR. jiaobin face !! ^^

When the concert is starting, me and hayley were like omg so many people.. 
den we like sian diao, the security guard saw our media pass and he bring us to the FRONT OF THE STAGE. like with the press, the videographer etc. LIKE OMGGGG... it's like everyone is squeezing together behind the barrier and we were like infront of the barrier taking pictures, sitting down and enjoying the concert !

sweating like mad...

beside them !

standing beside a pro...

oschool performance !

look at how much he is sweating.. ): xin ku ni le !

sweat = effort


Jayesslee !!!!!

Sonia's husband !

uncletehpeng !

After a tiring day, me chiro huijin damien and miranda decided to go Yoshinoya to eat supper !!

Last pic with Hayley ! Great day spent with her.

Till then xx