Sunday, 3 February 2013

Adventure Cove

My first trip to Adventure Cove! With my small 8 year old cousin who refuse to take any photos cos she is too busy playing with rides. Her parents are also too busy. All of us bought annual passes! Dk whether is it worth it or not. For them maybe yes but to me.. Well.. adventure cove isn't as great as i thought it would be. Or perhaps it's just that my interest span is really really short.

Didn't take much photos of the place as most of the time my camera and phone is in the locker. Will go there again and take pictures of the whole place!

Camera of the day : Olympus EP1

the queue is ridiculous. 1 hour waiting time for the hydro magnetic thingy but it is totally worth it cos it's the best ride!

The slurp SUCKSSSS. I thought fruit punch would be nice but nooooo it's super sweet and ewwww. 

iPhone Images


Troll app HAHA

Angelic moment haha.

Had fun. But fell sick the day after. Yeah up till now omg. Sad. Oh well! Till next time (: