Thursday, 7 March 2013

Owl Cafe

Regine hereby presents you..

Owl Cafe

Owl has been producing Singapore and the region's favorite time-tested Straits Asian coffee since1956, winning multiple awards in process. Owl today, has became one of the Singapore's most sought-after coffee brands. It has been getting rave reviews for its vast array of food with richness of Straits Asian food cultures.

It won the titles of The Singapore Promising Brand Award, the Singapore Heritage Brand Award and the Singapore Superbrands Award. 

Owl International today exports its instant beverage products globally, serving consumers in countries such as China , the United States, Mongolia, Maldives, Indonesia, Canada, Taiwan Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

Some of their Cafe Dishes( Speciality)

100% Authentic Kopi Luwak

Assam Chicken wings

Assorted Tea Platter

Coffee Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream

Gula Melaka Kopi

Hae Chor Salad

Spaghetti Laksa with Tiger Prawn

Here are some of the foods that i chose to try on that day. 


French fries and wedges with Cheese dip. MMMMMmmm...

Appetizer: Soft-Shell Crab Salad
Batter -fried soft-shell crab and fresh greens topped with Thai Chili Dressing.
Review: This is really da bomb. The soft-shell crab is simply delicious, and the Thai Chili Dressing just makes the whole salad taste wonderful. I'm quite speechless about this. A must try in my opinion.
Rate: 9.5/10

Main Course: Hainanese Chicken Chop with Rice
Crispy chicken chop served with savory gravy and rice
Review: The chicken chop have that crispy outer portion that everyone likes and when you bite on it, the juicy tender, meat together with the gravy would leave you wanting more.
Rate: 7.5/10

Spaghetti Laksa with Tiger Prawn
Noodle in creamy Peranakan-style gravy with tiger prawn
Review: They gave the normal Spaghetti a unique twist by using laksa instead of tomato or cream sauce. It taste very special and satisfying.
Rate: 8.5/10

Mixed Seafood Baked Rice
Baked rice served with fresh seafood and chili crab sauce
Review: If you are a cheese lover, do try this as the cheese taste so good. And the chill crab sauce really makes the whole dish have that sweet, hot flavor.
Rate: 9/10

Dessert : Assorted Tea Platter
A selection of handmade tea assortments using Owl Kopi-O Gao as a base flavor. Coffee Putt, Opera Cake, Durian Pengat, Osthmanthus Red Bean Cake
Review : It is really pleasing to eat this platter. It isn't too sweet that you have to seek for water like most desserts do. It really seals your meal.
Rate: 8.5/10
Overall review:
It looks like a very decent, ordinary "angmoh" appearance cafe. But no, unlike other cafes, the food here is fabulous. And it has our "Singaporean taste". I don't know how to describe it, but every bite i took, there's that Singapore  style added to the food that i find it's very unique. The cosy ambience there is great for chilling out. Love it and i would definitely go back there again. The food available there are also very affordable!

Do visit the place at:
OWL Cafe, 1 Vista Exchange Green #02-10/11, Star Vista, Singapore 138617 ( next to Buona Vista MRT Station )

I went for their Chinese New Year Opening Celebration. I was sort of late and i did not expect it to be such a big event! There was the press/photobooths/concierge.


There is the lion dance troupe too! It's embarrassing but the "lion" was like throwing orange skin peels and it somehow hit my head. Laugh out in pain! 

And yes, Jeanette Aw, the popular regional artiste is the Owl Ambassador turned up at the Owl Cafe. That explains her fan club!

The man behind Owl Cafe. Mr Richmond Te, Business Development Manager ( Regional ) of Owl International

Congratulations to this 5 winners in Shin Min and Wanbao Chinese New Year Ang Pow Lucky draw out of the 100,000 members of the public .

Jeanette Aw and her fan club.

With the people of Owl Cafe!

Lastly, bloggers( me, tiffany, christina), Jeanette Aw, OWL managers, MNC promotions and Publicity Group, The CROWD manager and directors.

And here's me and the cute OWL!!

Had a splendid time at the event. Would like to thank Tiffany and Cindy from Similton for inviting me for this event (: