Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shakespeare in the Park : Othello

So on Friday night, there is some Lit play going on at Fort Canning Park at 7.30pm. We bought tickets and thanks to my awesome school, instead of paying 35, we paid 17.50! Like yay?!

I went on wikipedia to search for the plot of Othello and it turns out to be quite a nice story. My lit teacher was saying that " Oh due to some 'scenes' only sec 3s and 4s can go as i do not think it is really appropriate for the others " and i was like oh okay. SO I WAS REALLY EXCITED! 

Not only for the play but having picnic with my friends sitting on the grass looking at people talking old englishy and gazing at the stars just right above us. The play starts at 7.30pm so we went there at like 6.30pm and guess what..

SO MANY PRIMARY SCHOOL KIDS... So for the whole play when the main characters were like kissing or hugging or like on top of each other, they will make a lot of noise!

Cupcake face me as i blinked. 

Whatsup huimei.

Our faces <3

phone pic

Phone pic: Love this pic, we look like some spoiled taitai still wearing shades when it's dark.

Phone pic

Phone pic

Obviously my eyes can't handle flashes that well..


Went home feeling quite exhausted. Wait, i mean VERY. I was feeling like a zombie. I don't even know what's going on like after midnight hahah! 

K that's it for this post! Pray i would have time/things to blog about soon!