Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ristorante Pietrasanta

Hi guys, today i am going to talk about an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Pietrasanta.Ristorante Pietrasanta is a dining outlet which embraces the concept of a Family Restaurant in Tuscany Style.

They serve fresh, simple and delicious Italian food. Everything is homemade, from pasta to cheese. Served in a comfortable and home-like Italian environment, the restaurant is an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, especially for those who want to relax and chill out in a cosy place. And actually it is really a getaway as you really have to find your way to this place as it is forested.

You can actually head to One North Mrt and take a bus from there!

Photocredit: Jeremy from 

Mozzarella and Burrata Cheese

Chef Alfredo Colle started this food tasting session off by doing a life demonstration on how he make mozzarella cheese. Check it out, from that soft white mozzarella, he roll ball by ball and put it into cold water and tadaaa, a ball of hard mozzarella cheese. It looks like, feels like those chinese 'man tou' but no, it is pure mozzarella cheese! It is rather chewy and has a rubber texture, the Burrata ( mozzarella added with sour cream ) dip really makes the whole dish great.

Focaccia Bread

Parma Ham Mozzarella Rolls
This dish is really unique. Ham and leaves wrapped with mozzarella cheese. The ham and leaves have a rather strong flavor and the mozzarella cheese evens out the taste.  

Fettuccini al Tartufo
This is so yummy. It is Fettuccini pasta with some sausage meat. It may looks like some normal looking pasta but trust me, just one mouth of this, you will be speechless.

Spinach Ravioli
Personally i do not really like spinach but this dish is so yummy. The pasta have a very unique taste to it and the spinach goes really well with it. 

Risotto Porcini
Best main dish to me. This dish is very creamy and this dish contains saffron which is an expensive spice. (if you played the Facebook game Restaurant Story before, you will know haha!) This dish is so addictive to me and it's my first time trying bone marrow too! 

Grilled Lemon Cole
This fish taste really fresh and good. It isn't too sweet or salty but to me it isn't as fantastic as other dishes.

Braised Lamb Shank in Chianti Wine
I know it's quite embarrassing to say but this is the first time i actually tried lamb meat. I never did want to try when i'm with my family and friends as i don't know, lambs look cute in cartoons and i don't want to be so horrible to eat such cute creatures. But then since this restaurant is quite famous i decided to give it a shot and it taste surprisingly good! The mat is really tender as it falls right off the bone. 

Mixed Sausages
This sausages are quite unique! I know i'm weird but they taste like chinese sausages to me because of the outer skin, and the meat inside tastes like minced meat. It is really special and i like it quite a bit!

Lemon Tart
I am a sour lover, especially lemons so i extremely love love love this dessert. It tastes so refreshing. Thumbs up for this!

It is creamy and have a nice strong coffee flavor which i love. Yay for Tiramisu!

Hazelnut Semifreddo 
This ice-cream taste delicious. It...taste..exactly.. like... FORRERO ROCHER. Yes it really does. For all you forrero rocher lovers, please do try this i guarantee you will love it.

Pistachio Semifreddo
It's pistachio ice-cream! It taste above average but i love the hazelnut more. 

We headed to the Private Room after eating and instead of showing you my ugly photography skills of the room, i shall show you photographs from the website itself.

This private room is a great place to hold family gatherings, parties and business dinners or lunch. DINE WITH STYLE. Feel like a king/queen for that moment okay. 

Do try it out. 

Ristorante Pietrasanta Restaurant Location:
5B Portsdown Road
#01-03 Singapore 139311
Tel: +65 6479 9521

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
11:45 am - 4:30 pm
5:45 pm - 10:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday
11:45 am - 10:30 pm

Price Range: $15 - $50

Closed on Tuesdays

me posing with my virgin experience of eating lamb. 

with Chef Alfredo Colle from Italy!

With Damien aka Uncletehpeng. It's been such a long time since i last went to an event/food tasting session with him!

With da rest of the bloggers!

Mega light makeup day!

Went to dance class and gym afterwards to burn all the calories away haha! It was a lovely day i had.