Sunday, 28 July 2013

Japan Trip June 2013 Part 1

It was my first time going Japan and this trip is really wonderful. I was away for a week and i was in Tokyo for around 5 days or so. Love Tokyo!

Started by sitting my 9.30pm flight for 7 hours.

finally arrived at japan and went to have some japan! The weather is like so awesome. Feel kinda bad as Singapore are suffering from haze and i'm here enjoying the bright sun in air-con like temperature.

i find these machines very cool! The blue ones means it's cold, and the red ones means it is hot. And it is in a proper cup, not a can drink. 

Taste super nice!

This is taken at the rural side. If you realised, it is so clean, and there are no rubbish bins anywhere. If you litter, police will not catch but embarrass you. That's how things work there!

They take their recycling very serious too. On different days, they would recycle different things.

What do they do with their left over foods? They wash them, dry them and put in a plastic bag before throwing to prevent germs and keep clean. This give me a shock. 

hair salon

post box beside a wishing tree

what is a bus doing here? Well it is actually a cafe. WOAH right

went to do tamuro (red doll) it's a doll where you make a wish and color one eyes, when it comes true, you can color the other eye.

What i drew!

pretty close to the original right!

lunch time. 

bought sunflower seeds to grow at home! This sunflower seeds will grow into a sunflower bigger than usual!


a picture of my momma

the next day we went to pick cherries!


this dog looks like a combination of a wolf and a bear. Didn't snap a shot of his face!

the world's largest biggest roller coaster. So sad i can't ride it as it is under maintenance. ):


how my dad eats his sushi. Yeah he is trying to cut down on carbohydrates ): poor daddy.

went to places where the samurais used to live in

yay peach!

awesome nice dinner. Gonna grow fatter anytime soon

no caption needed

beautiful garden outside my room. LOOKS LIKE ALICE IN WONDERLAND RIGHT

still wanna complain about singapore's mrt line? HAHA

this water is super hottt omg. Contains sulfur as it is from a volcano.

wanna take a sulfur bath?

rather late ootd

sulfur egg! It is said that eating this will extend your life for another 7 years. Sure not. BUT IT'S YUMMY. They just put normal eggs inside the hot sulfur.

accessories for the day

gonna take a ferry ride!

daddy was feeling kinda high

My stomach is shouting YAY. 

went with my brother for some drinks at night in the hotel!

Morning breakfast

these are all donated by people for others to drink on new year.

a japanese wedding going on!

this is a pillar outside a temple. On new year, people tend to rush to temple to be the first one to pray and wish. 

They do not pray like how Singaporeans do, they throw a coin, clap their hands twice and pray. They claim it is to wake up God. Hence, because of the overwhelming people at 12 midnight on every 31 December, they put a barrier. People will throw coins trying to hit the temple or get it into the temple. Logic, the heavier the coin is, the further it can go. Hence people throw LOTS OF MONEY. The pillar have some of the coin impressions. CAN U IMAGINE HOW HARD THE PEOPLE THREW? With that being said, you can imagine if someone threw it too low or inaccurately hard and land at the back of someone's head.. Yea there were many accidents yearly because of this. 

Kay this is the end of my post for now. Wait for the Japan Trip Part 2 coming up tomorrow! Thanks for reading muahh.