Monday, 29 July 2013

Japan Trip June 2013 Part 2

This is a cigarette machine. You gotta ur ID in order to buy! Their packaging is so much nicer than Singapore. Meoww

time for some bbq at night


shrimp burger. actual real shrimp inside! Super yummy. MUST TRY.

caramel latteeee

what's different is... u have to dispense ur food urself. So neat omg. There's places for u to throw ur cups, straws, lids, leftovers etc. I'm sure they won't be used to Singapore's MacDonald..


shopping at harajuku

icecream in a tube

how they close their shops at night.

i look at it and i'm like omg so cool. then... 

lol. SGD 4

last dinner in japan..

Overall i really enjoyed my trip. Japan... I'LL BE BACK.