Saturday, 13 July 2013

June 2013's UOML

June was such a busy month. Just finally ended my prelims and i think i have not updated my blog for more than a month woah. Seeing my blog readers drop by hundred over views per day, still not that bad but still bad in a way (dk what i'm saying)

And yes i know i owe a lot of videos that i said i'll do, i wanted to do this june but i was so busy with everything. BUT, i bought a new HD video camera to film! The thing is, i don't know when i would do it.. If only there is no such thing as 'O' levels. * Secretly wishing miracles happen that a gigantic fire will burn SEAB building down and all the papers are destroyed and they are lazy to remake the papers and cancel 'O' levels for this year only* HAHA joking. Shucks, will someone just do the papers for me. 

So here are some updates of my life so far! *iphone pics*

black and white.

Super sweet letter from Natasha.

Can't remember where i eat these. a restaurant at...Animal farm? Fish farm/mart? I HAVE NO IDEA. but the food is quite good. 

Bought this book to read, finish in 2 days. Got goosebumps all over when i read the ending. 

I'm a mega huge fan of PORTUGUESE egg tarts. And i must say, the egg tarts at somewhere around bukit timah, opposite beauty world and beside domino's pizza IS SO GOOOOODDDD. Like seriously better than KFC's and i think they can compete with Macau's. I love it so much.

this is how i arrange my gym locker. pretty messy haha. I have been going to Celebrity Fitness ( Rochestermall ) almost everyday. Just love exercising and love it there. Wanna do fitness videos but i really don't have the time to do it!

On 1st june, i went with Natasha, Yangheng and Isaiah to my school's Cult pot! Love spending time with them.

the outfit that i wore there.

Love trying out clothings
love the details on this dress!

Oh and i went to do my eyebrows. It is called eyebrow creative ( eyebrow resurrection ) I can't remember how much i did it for but i believe it's about 600? If you dk what that is, it is something like eyebrow tattoo, but they use small strokes to fill in the eyebrows with ink that can last for around 2 years ( have to touch-up ) For the first few days it was SO DARK that i look so scary and all my friends in school were like whutttt... but now it is pretty natural!

Day 3

Day 7- finally looking natural!

favorite top and necklace now. simple yet nice, goes well with anything and everything

Love this pair of shorts! The details at the side are just lovely but it is too pricey that i don't think it's worth to buy so i took a picture oops! 

contacts of the month!

dad's awesome cooking

Went to Wisma for food tasting with other bloggers. Since i don't have time to do a proper post for it i guess i'll do it here! YOU GUYS HAVE TO TRY IT. it is at Wisma Food court at the escalator there called

delicious, yet affordable. It taste so unique and i bet you guys will love it. They have different special sauces that i can assure that you have never tried before. so try it yah! Regine's recommendation. 

AND NOW.. for the biggest update of that month...

I snipped off my hair.

if you have been following me on my insta, you should know that i chopped off my hair like finally. This haircut took 3 hours to do. Thanks Toni & Guy. They were analysing the best hair cut for me and did everything so precise, that's why it took so long, but at least i don't have to pay! If not i think i would curse and swear as this made me late for my floating yoga bishh. 

And i did not expect them to cut my hair that short! I was just asking them whether can i add volume to the lower part of my hair. So this is a closer view of my hair. 

Yep that's it for this post. Next post would be my trip to japan! Get ready! :)