Wednesday, 27 November 2013

UOML : Finally blogging again

Finally, Olevels are over.

During the period of O Levels, i kept listing the things i am going to do after holidays, and going on saying that i will go crazy after Os (in a good and excited and active way). But.. look at the expression similar to mine now.

Yes, although i have a lot of things to do, i can't be bothered to do anything at all, hence not blogging for so long as after not blogging for a few months, it's hard to get my engine running again! Been to quite a few events but did not manage to take fantastic pictures that is worthy enough for proper individual posts so i'm gonna collage it all here in this one big post. So be prepared, this would be a lengthy one. ( Yay or nay)


SOOOOO, before Olevels, my brother finally completed his BMT!! YAY! have been hearing him complaining about how horrible it was and finally it was over for him. Still considering whether should i go to army!

with mum

with dad

and my cute grandma who went there too!


I also went for an event with Damien which is organised by ToTT, celebrating their 3rd Anniversary with an easy-to-follow cookbook of best brunch recipes and a new online shopping portal. 

If you love baking, cooking, or need to buy cooking equipments etc , 

Visit Tott at and they are having a Christmas Sale now until 25 Dec so whatcha waiting for! 


this is da best u gotta try it! but it's a little sweet tho!

So,10 males compete against the one and only Tomoko Miyake. She is 152cm, weighing 40kg. Her eating achievements include : Consuming handmade handburger of 4.6kg within an hour, Consumed 6.5kg of Omelet set, Consumed 100 dumplings in 6 minutes, Consumed 4.6g of yam rice within 35 minutes and many more.


People.. Tomoko Miyake ate 20 bowls of ramen and 8 plates of gyoza under TWENTY MINUTES.  

i really admire her as she still feels hungry after eating so much and claims that the gyoza is nice and she wants to eat more! My hero.

Her stomach after 20 minutes. ( Like she is pregnant ) She said that she take 5-6 hours to digest her food and for her belly to go flat like it used to be. LIKE WOAH ?! That's like so amazing, how a stomach can expand so much in 20 minutes and shrink back to original in just 6 hours. Won't that be painful ?! 

Do visit Ramen Champion, available at Bugis+, Great World City and Changi Airport Terminal 3. 

I actually created a new instagram account to document my fitness journey.  However it is kinda hard for me now plus I GOT FATTER. I gained 4kg. Somehow i lost the motivation during Os as i was busy studying, hence not being able to exercise and eat clean. I snack on fast food a lot and in big portions. Can't control myself.. now i'm finding it hard to revert back to my old diet and exercise routine. Abs are fading and i'm getting bulkier. So do join me in my fitness journey to get back in shape! I will be posting workout videos that i usually do, also i will talk about tips and health facts. Healthy food pics will be up as well and recipe will be written here in my blog. So do follow me for more at _rFitness 

That's the end of this post! Trying my best to write most post so be patient with me thankyou <3