Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Ideas 2013 for last minute people *wink*

Hey hey peeps how ya doing! Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye so we are talking about presents here. Any idea what present you want from SANTA!?

More importantly..WHAT to get for your family and friends? I am always facing this problem! Do You? are some suggestions!

Disclaimer : I am not an expert and everyone have their own taste so do not blame me if whatever i suggest is stupid, ridiculous, not feasible, too expensive, too cheap etc.

Here is my small guide :

Ask yourself       
Is the person close to you?

Yes- then what do they often do/what do they like to do/what they usually talk about/what are their hobbies?

Here are some examples:

If the person is a gym junkie, buying gym wear/gym gloves/workout equipment/protein shake

If the person is always using computer, get a unique/cute/nice mouse with a mouse pad, and a keyboard cover and maybe cute hand rester.

If the person loves baking, get them some cookie cutters, baking equipments.

They will thank you for improving what they already have and love, making it better. It is something useful and practical! 

No- get basic gifts that people will usually like, depending on age

Here are some examples:

Teen Guys: 






Teen girls: 
Hair Accessories: bandana+hair clips+hairband+hair tye for an (all-in-one hair package)

A Cute diary planner

Colorful pens or markers

Unisex and any age: 

Polaroid cameras

Lomography Cameras

Waterproof phone/camera casing( to take pics underwater)


It is the thought that counts!

Hope this helps in one way or another. I'm sorry if it did not! Thank you for reading really appreciate it! 4 more days to Christmas!