Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets Review ver.2

The newly improved Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton 


claims that it contains 20% more cleansing oil

 to gently remove stubborn, waterproof makeup 

more effectively.

They are also infused with 

Hydrating Beauty Essence(containing 

Hyaluronic Acid and Butylene Glycol) for 

smooth, moisturised skin. 

The pretty packaging already attracts me!

44 pieces of cleansing sheets! They also sell refills and travel packs!

Decided to slather on super thick layer of eye makeup to put this to test. (Photos are washing out the colours)

fake eyelashes are starting to loosen and most eyeshadow have already came off

everything came off! PS. the eyelashes did not came off by itself

it only took 8 wipes to wipe my whole face! actually only 6 but i just wipe two more times to be safe. (used another sheet to test if its really clean and IT IS). Omg. 
I used two sides like this for my entire face

As you can see, i only used up half of the cleansing sheet! that's like amazing. I double checked whether my face is clean by using my usual makeup remover product and a cotton pad to wipe my whole face and it was clean.

I am truly impressed by this product. 
I would rate this product an 8.5/10

-can clean my face while watching tv, using computer etc ( basically more convenient and hassle-free)
-nice scent
-does not leave me with an oily skin but a fresh one
-very affordable price
-perfect makeup sheets to use after work if i'm heading to gym.

-not as 'watery' as i thought it would be. ( they claimed that it was 20% more cleansing liquid than the first version but i felt that it was just average. Can't squeeze out much liquid like how Xiaxue's ad video shows)

-the packaging was a bit unnecessary as the outer box is quite big for the cleansing sheets itself. They claimed that the box will keep the cleansing sheets more moist, like a double protection. However, the box is not even airtight. So i'm guessing people who want to take this cleansing sheets out will leave the box at home as it's so bulky, hence not solving the issue about cleansing sheets : drying up after awhile

Final comments: Overall i quite like this product and will use in the future. I used to think that cleansing sheets won't do a good job in removing all the makeup on my skin hence sticking to normal makeup removers as it makes me feel more secure that everything is off my face. However, i always have to remove my makeup in the bathroom and washing my face straight away as it's oily. With biore cleansing sheet, i will wipe off my makeup while doing something else (multi-tasking), and i don't need to wash my face after wiping!

Biore’s Cotton Cleansing Sheets comes in 3 types:
-Regular (with the container) x44 : $17.90
-Refills x44 : $15.60
-Travel sheets x10 : $3.99

Worth the price!