Thursday, 2 January 2014

Thailand Trip

A very happy new year to everyone out there! Today is the 2nd of January 2014. Wow, time just fly by  so fast. Have yet to write out my new year resolutions but i will soon! Feeling VERY nervous as i am receiving my 'O' levels like real soon and this is the moment where I start regretting again for playing too much and not treating education seriously. Sigh, anyway there is nothing much i could do right now but just pray it turns out well. I have a feeling that on the day that i have to collect my results, i will not open it until i get home.

Anyways, gonna share some pics i have taken over the holiday, mostly food tho. 

Went to Bangkok for a shopping spree and came across this which made me so puzzled. 1st, it's spelt wrongly. 2nd, so is it a general hospital or a police hospital or a hospital only for general police? :O

Oh and we go to the main areas like platinum mall, siam square, pratunam, chatuchak etc.

We went to eat some shabu shabu and it's so cute when the waitresses and manager dance to a soup song!

and then we went to Mango Tango, you can see what i ordered on my instagram! It is so delicious omg and the best part is, it is not very expensive!

I tried the pineapple pie at macdonalds and it is deliciouss. I heard that months ago, they have tuna pie and banana pie! It's so sad that i have yet to try banana pie ): 

went to Pandora, thinking it would be cheaper to buy charms there but noooooo hahahaha it is the same price sadly ): but still bought charms! Sad to hear when zoen whatsapped me that actually singapore was having a mega crazy pandora sale a week back when i WAS IN SINGAPORE and did not know omg? ):

the very famous coconut icecream!!

bought more macdonalds on day 3 and tried corn pie!

and their macdonald have dip sauce ): why can't singapore have too..

some street food delights!

the toy dog puppies are soooo cutee!

and small bunnies wearing dresses omg?!

tried the KFC's banana chocolate egg tart.YUMMM

Thanks for reading, the next post will be out in a couple days, a topic post! :)