Tuesday, 21 January 2014

UOML: Pictures of Jan 2014

Chinese New Year is coming so it's time to get fat again. Geez. I have created many wonderful low-calorie healthy recipes but the thing is, i have no idea how to film. I know i always say that i will upload videos videos videos. I did make and edit many videos, but somehow it's either the lighting is no good or the angle. I spent a few days doing a New Year's Makeup and Hair Tutorial and finally edited it, ready to upload, then my video editing app crashed ( Final Cut Pro ). It was so frustrating as i spent days and even slept at 3am just to do voice-overs, wanting to upload it a day before New year eve. Praying hard that nothing goes wrong!

Moving on...

I went to my grandma's house and i saw this. I have huge ears...

Went to Adventure cove with some peeps! Quite fun. So sad that my annual pass is ending like this Friday. Mehh

On a Saturday, i went to school with Yancheng and Zoen for CCA extravaganza and here's us messing around with the police car.

Went to Ngee Ann Poly Open House on thursday and it was honestly quite fun! Didn't go for SP open houses though.. Should have went!

Here's us posting for the theme " Always that something Xtra " 

My very first low-calorie dessert that i made. Was very happy as i created it on my own and so far no one've ever done it! So I am excited to recreate this and share with you guys (: 

Went to PJC with Yancheng and Zoen for open house. 

Me sending Yangheng off. Was super sad that it hurts so much inside and i can't express it out. Still feeling very empty. 

and i finally bought FITBITFLEX OMG. It means a lot to me as i used my own money to buy it so yeahh.. read a lot of bad reviews about it but i still chose to buy it. Did not regret! Don't know why people are saying it's not accurate. It is accurate for me. The downside of this is probably the app. Hope they will improved the app or something!

Yesterday i worked as a photographer for one company's AGM. It was a superrr funny story. I was at a Fitness Event called " Lose to Win " on Saturday held by Health Promotion Board and Team Axis as their helper. ( Team Axis is a company run by my cousins ) So that day we were shorthanded hence i took charge of the photobooth and also went around taking pics of people doing the activities. After the event, one participant approached me and asked if I'm a photographer as he wants to hire me. I was stunned. He asked me how much do i charge. I was like shocked and just said 8/hr and he immediately said okay and see me on Monday. I was thinking " SHITTT i should have charged more" 

When i told my cousins, they told me that photographers were paid at least 40/hr. Then i started panicking and asking around how to tell the guy that i want a higher pay. The funniest response i got was " Act like your age. Just be irresponsible and ask for higher pay, if not you don't do because he is really underpaying you. Anyway he should be expecting this type of thing from teenagers." and then my brother said " Why not you tell him it's 8 dollars per picture you take". HAHA it was soo funny. In the end, i messaged the guy who offered me the job to negotiate and so,  we set it at 16/hr ! Still better than nothing. Had a great time there too and learnt a lot.

From Bread Society! Wanted to buy all of the breads as they look so gooooddd.

I baked this today for breakfast and again i am happy! Cuz for a healthy food, it tastes not bad! It wasn't fantastic and delicious, but it was still good! 

That's the end of today's post. Stay tunedd for the next one!