Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Chinese New Year 2014

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Been reading many tweets written by people saying that CNY isn't fun anymore and it's boring. For me, I also realise that as years go by, CNY is getting shorter, we have lesser people to visit and lesser days to celebrate. Then it occurred to me, maybe it's because we are all growing up, we are getting more matured, and being busy with our school lives hence having different feelings and experiences from what we had in the past. I know we all usually curse how short CNY is because we have to go back to school,wishing for CNY to start on Wednesday, so we can all return to school/work on Monday. ( not for me this year hehe because it makes no difference for me )

I still remember last time, i used to love visiting people and was overwhelmed when i meet people i don't often see ( distant relatives ) and they'll usually praise us a lottttt. Now, they just ask me about my results, the school i'm entering in the future and career i want.

Also, i have a different feeling of receiving angbaos now. In the past, my siblings, cousins and I would go around, hoping relatives (distant usually) to forget that they have already given us angbaos and give us again. Yeah we are badass. Now, some of my cousins are already giving me angbaos and soon it will be my turn too.. in like 10 years time haha.

However to be honest, i think that it is just us, who make CNY for us boring. All we gotta do is live our spirits up and create the atmosphere ourselves! Like my mum, she is still hyped about CNY even though she have celebrated it for like almost 50 years, making sure she buy EVERYTHING new like bedsheets, curtains, clothes, hairstyle, hair colour, bras and everything. My family still spend effort decorating our house, buying new plants, making CNY goodies, sending Chinese new year cards etc! IT'S UP TO YOU, to make your CNY interesting and fun (:

smart 14 months old boy who knows how to play the ipad, walk, and say gong xi fa cai to people

these girls came to my house to visit and honestly i was SHOCKED, and it was quite awkward for me at first. For qiling, chingrui and alicia, they are my lower sec class mates and we didn't really keep in contact for so long! Wanting is my lower sec CCA mate that i never really talk to for like 2 years omg. Yuxuan is just my school mate that i never talk to in real life until that day HAHA. Qianhui, i have never seen her before in real life or virtually at all UNTIL THAT DAY. However it was really an awesome day cuz we are all crazily sociable people.

It was really fun, playing banluck, cheat, mahjong and stuff cuz everyone was really hyper and loud. Laughed so much that day. Went to Qiling house too and we gotta climb a hill to get to her house which was a killer for all who were wearing heels. Her house is so lovely and the food was AWESOME, love the beehoon. Note: Qiling's father is like a SINGING GOD. Damn that's some good singing.  Love these peeps. 

Went to eat korean bbq buffet as a reunion dinner with yulong, zoen and yancheng who just came back to singapore on wednesday. tbh it wasn't really worth it, maybe because we don't have the " eat a lot " mood.

yancheng bought this cute sweets dispenser machine thingy that was really uber cute!

let the feasting begin!

don't know what's wrong with him HAHA. 

Genki Sushi post will be up tomorrow!