Wednesday, 26 February 2014

UOML: February 2014

Hello guys! So sorry for not blogging for such a long time again. I'm busy doing nothing almost everyday and decided to reboot both my iMac and MacBook Air and it took quite awhile for me to download,update and change stuffs on both because i keep procrastinating. Now i'm finally back to blogging! I have so many drafts saved in Blogger and have yet to complete them.

So let's get my monthly update out of the way by posting this month's pictures! Whee.

All photos were taken by iPhone, not edited for all my lifestyle posts, hence the quality.

My family and I went to W Hotel, Sentosa Cove two weeks ago and it was an awesome stay. The rooms are so NICE. Definitely go check out their website to see their suites, it will blow your mind, considering to have my 21st birthday there. ( i know it's a long wait )

Website :

I stayed in the Fabulous Room. Go on to the website and then click 'rooms'. Admire all the rooms ESPECIALLY the suites, admire the price too at the same time.

look at their lights

look at their walls

look at their tables

The thing i love about it is that you can change the color of the lights! Like pink, blue, green, yellow etc for both the walls AND underneath the bed. how cool is that. 

the amazing view

Went to Zoen's house with Yulong, Yiwen and Yancheng ( omg i just realized that they can be called the 3 Ys ) for housewarming. Love the design of her house : Simple, modern and plain!

tried xiaolongbao at dynasty paradise(i think that's the name of the restaurant) and i prefer the original ones to these colorful baos with different flavors like cheese, ginger etc.

explains my love for cheesecake. this is at a cafe near zone's house!

went rollerblading with Gwen the other day. Finally after like 6 long years i'm finally bringing those bad boy blades out. 

Went to Swensens at Vivocity with my dad, love the ambience and i think it's those deluxe Swensens(?) where they have free salad bar. Love the service, the view and everything!

and if it isn't obvious, this is my papa. heh
I also went to Trampoline Park. 2nd outlet is Jurong! Fully air-conditioned with showering facilities. Do go down as it's fun and it's a SUPER good form of exercise. don't worry it's not that packed! Go to to book now! For those under 18 years old, just ask someone who is 18 and above the fill in the waiver form online and you are good to go! (:

By the way, i started to use DAYRE! Do follow me at
I know many of you are wondering, what's dayre? It's another social network platform that combines twitter,blogging and instagram together! You can post your location, videos, pictures and things you wanna say over there like a diary and people who follow you gets to know how you spend your day (: It's like bite-sized blogging. I will try to upload something everyday, hope to see you virtually there! (: