Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A reason that may cause you to have a "tummy"- Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Are you a skinny-fat person, simply it means that you look skinny on the OUTSIDE but hidden within is a bulging tummy? Check out the picture below!

No matter how hard you try to burn that ugly belly, it never goes away? Well,maybe it's not the belly fats, but it"s because you have pelvic tilt! Look below to find out more~

What is Anterior pelvic tilt and how is it related to my stomach being protruding? 

It is when the front of the pelvis drops while the back of the pelvis rises which makes you look like you have a belly but in fact it is just because of the body posture.

How to check whether I have pelvic tilt?

You can check if you have pelvic tilt by wearing fitting pants, tuck in your shirt, adopting a comfortable posture then taking a shot of yourself by the side. If you notice that your back arches a lot and your shorts seems to be very much slanted....


Causes of Pelvic Tilt:
- Prolong sitting
-Poor posture
-Tight hip flexors
-Weak glutes
-Weak hamstrings
-Weak abdominal
-Tight back extensors

You will experience lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain and flat feet if it worsens. Anterior pelvic tilt will also cause a stronger curvature of the thoracic spine which might lead to neck pain, shoulder pain and even headaches. 

Note: Slight pelvic tilt is normal. It is normal for males to have pelvic tilt of approximately 5 degrees and 7-10 degrees for female.

So now the big question is..

How can we reduce the degree of our Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

Simple. Look at the causes of pelvic tilt, that's your answer!

1. Do not sit for too long.

2. Improve your sitting posture. Sit up straight!
This is a BAD posture as you are encouraging your pelvis to go forward!
3. Stretches
(hip flexors) 

My favorite hip flexor exercise. Hope it's not confusing! 
Starting position: front leg at 90 degrees
Stretch: leaning your front leg forward
Deeper stretch: your hands on the floor

This is also another great hip flexor stretch that open your hips.Too easy for you? Reach your hands further and lie completely flat, chest touching the ground for a deeper stretch.

4. Strengthening

Reverse crunch( abdominal )
I sandwiched a foam roller in between my calves and thighs so that my legs are locked. You can use any items such as a pillow. You can also choose not to put anything but make sure you squeeze your thighs and calves tightly together, then push your legs up close to your chest keeping your core tight and repeat.

Keep your core and glutes(butt) tight. Make sure your back is aligned. Hold there for as long as you can and repeat a few times. Remember to breathe!

This is an amazing glutes workout. Tighten your abs and when you raise your hips up, tighten and squeeze those glutes. Too easy for you? Add weights on your hips or straighten one leg and do it!

Hope this helps!