Friday, 7 March 2014

Cineleisure Next Online Sensation v3.0

Hey peeps! As you can see from the title, i'm joining this year's Cineleisure Next Online Sensation (CNOS) version 3.

 I actually joined back in 2012 for CNOS1. At that time, i only blogged for like 2 weeks, still a freshie. Of course, i did not make it to the top 20 but top 80, and got invited for the Gala Premiere of the Hunger Games. That was the first event i went to and after that, i started receiving more event invites. That kickstarted my journey.

I wanted to join last year's CNOS2 but due to 'O' Levels, it was a big no no from my parents. Furthermore, i heard that you have to submit a self-intro video. That terrified me so much as i really can't talk to a video camera, i'm just too shy.

It took a lot of courage to join this competition. 
 I have to do a vlog which i've never done before. It's just so awkward for me to talk to a video camera. I always thought that it was easy, seeing youtubers doing it but NO, it-is-hard.

this is somewhat my expression when i tried video taking myself for the first time. 

so after a while i got used to it, i look like a complete crazy nut child. Tada.

Also, I am required to have a Facebook Page,Youtube account and Dayre to join this competition.. 
I always cared about how people view about me. I'm not even famous so i'm afraid that if i have one, i'll come across as a "over confident"," famous wannabe" kind of person. But you know what they say.. Do what you have to do!! I checked out other contestants and some already have their Facebook page years ago with hundreds of fans. I think the only fans i will get is from my mama and papa.

I do not have Dayre too. Just created days ago and guess what i only have 3 followers heh. Don't compare me to the rest of the contestants kay. I take it as a good thing that Dayre serves as a daily diary to me and nobody will see it and judge me for it yay.

i have ZERO videos, therefore ZERO subscribers on youtube. So CNOS3 should be honored that i am going to talk about them on my very first video hehe.

I know this competition is partly judged by the number of followers you have on instagram, twitter, dayre; the number of fans you have on Facebook and the number of subscribers you have which i clearly don't really have, but...

I'm still gonna do it! I'm still gonna join this competition.

Why i want to join this competition:
1. As you guys know, i stopped blogging for like half a year due to 'O' levels. Therefore, my readership dropped so low until my eyes wanna pop out. So i hope this competition will help me gain back my readers! 

2. Going through secondary school made me feel so insecure, sensitive and i left the school with such low self esteem that i tell myself " i have to walk out of this shit and this is the time to do it. it's now or never". I was once weak but now i'm trying to stand up stronger. I believe this competition will help me be stronger.

3. I know that people who are reading my blog are usually my friends, or some random people who clicked once and never return. So with this competition, i was hoping that my blog will be viewed by more people who do not know me personally.

4. After 'O'levels, i received very few email invites to events,to food tasting sessions, offers for sponsorship and collaborations. I'm dead in the blogging society hence hoping that this competition will make me revive from my blogging tombstone. 

5. I heard from a few people in my school saying that i will never make it in this media industry;that I don't have the looks, not popular, not well-liked and have a bad past. I was really upset and almost wanted to stop blogging. Luckily i did not because i want to prove them wrong and CNOS3 is the platform for me to show people that i can do it.

It is really a big step for me so i hope that you can give me your support to the very end.

Read my CNOS3 submission blog post here ->

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Twitter: Hope you guys support me! Thank you so much for spending your time reading this post, it means a lot!