Saturday, 3 May 2014

Clinton's 21st+ Bloggers Picnic reunion

These are the friends who i've met for less than 2 months and they have become so dear to me. I know most people would stereotype bloggers as fake, superficial, backstabbing bitches but actually to me it is the total opposite. 

I was pretty shock myself too HAHA. I only realised it recently that whenever i have troubles, my blogger friends would be there for me ( when i was actually expecting my secondary school friends to be there ). The first few people to wish me when it's my birthday were also bloggers, some even sang a birthday song for me and send me on whatsapp past midnight. 

So yeah, blogging not only allows me to pour out my thoughts and share my life events, but it also allows me to make so many good friends, which i'm thankful for.

So it was Clinton's birthday! I was so surprised that he invited most of the CNOS bloggers for his birthday celebration as we weren't that close. I was even more surprised, that he invited us to celebrate with him on the ACTUAL day of his birthday. Well that means a lot to me! 

how gay can that get. 

me and vivian! 

mandatory shots 

that failed. ( look how epic most of us look! )

I have been pretty busy lately and WILL BE busier in the near future so i won't be able to blog so often! But I'll try to blog at least twice a month! 

April was fantastic ( it's my birthday + start of school + new friends + gotten an aesthetics sponsor * wink wink* details will be up soon)

Be patient as great things will be coming up! Thanks for reading!