Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hong Kong Trip

2 weeks ago i went with my mum and dad to Hong Kong. 2nd time going there! Hated my first trip. Why?

Don't judge my immature and invalid reasons, i was 14.

1. I went with people whom i'm not familiar with. ( my dad happens to be Fuji Xerox VIP client hence our entire family got invited to Hong Kong for free with other major clients)

2. It was winter and it was bloody cold. 

3. As it was winter season, i did not buy any clothes, shoes, bag- NOTHING at all. I've travelled to so many countries and that was the first time i ever came home empty handed. Even in Singapore, i will never go home empty handed as it makes me feel like i have wasted my whole entire day. ( i know i'm a spoilt brat )

4. I was kinda crushing on a senior back then and he was texting me almost 24/7. Being in hong kong made it almost impossible to whatsapp him as it was super hard to find wifi. I remembered that i finally found wifi in a corner and i camped there for like 3 hours, unwilling to move. (laughs) 

5. I did not know how to appreciate chinese food back then nor was i willing to try anything new. 

That's the past alright. This time, all i wanted was to have fun and spend some quality time with my mum and dad. Kinda sad that my brother can't go though. 

Here's a short v-log heh hope you guys enjoy!

Can't view it? Click

So we set off around 6.30am in the morning and took a limo cab to the airport. My mum was kinda worried for me as i was 20% robocop ( you'll find out later ).

We stopped by Shen Zhen first to visit my cute nephew. Isn't he adorable?! 

I finally appreciate traditional chinese tea. Love how it helps with digestion!

The amount of food we ordered. My dad looks like he is the King of DimSum. I shall not include all the food photos in this post as by doing that, i might have to create 3 parts to my hong kong trip so some of the foods will be in my v-log above if you have not viewed!

Back in Hong Kong! I love how everywhere looks so colourful and alive. 

My relatives joined us the very next day and yes, my dad is forever trying to do funny things. 

Here is my robot leg that i'm talking about. It is an air cast. Tore my ankle ligament and wearing this is the only way for me to walk. 


Miss tying plaits in Secondary School. Since i'm overseas, i think no one will judge me if i tie two plaits so.. 

With my cutie cousin!

We went to Ocean Park that day. Just look at the map! The place is HUGE.



I love theme parks. The sad thing is, NO ONE LET ME RIDE. Burden leg :( I waited for more than an hour queuing for a ride and when i got the front seat, ( aka the best seats ), the person told me that i can't ride as it is too dangerous. YOU SERIOUS BRO?! 

Breakfast in the morning!


Went to Prada and look what we bought. HAHA 11 items. Gosh. 

We went to a restaurant in Hongkong that sells the best goose! 
Just so if you are interested.. here's the address. If you are planning to go to Hong Kong, please do go to this restaurant you won't regret it!

32-40 Wellington Street, Central

Tel: +852 2522 1624

Daily: 11am – 11pm

Nearest MTR: Central

But first, i have to feature my favourite dim sum.. EGG TARTS

Pigeon! OMG this is damn good. 

That's it for this post. Thanks for reading!