Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Donovan's 21st Yacht Party

26th July 2014

It's my brother's birthday! So i have some words for him. 

Hi kor! Happy 21st birthday to you! Can't believe it. When you first went into army, i can't even sleep as it was so weird not having you around. You are the first person i will find whenever i have troubles and when something great happens to me, you are the first person i would tell. I love how you subconsciously come into my room everyday to either annoy me/ sing/ talk to me/do your own stuff. I'm lucky to have a brother like you, I love you!

Here's a short v-log, summarising our time there!



Family photo!


My dad gotta control HAHA.

Tryna be like Rose from Titanic but don't know that he was supposed to face the other side..


So i made CRONUTS! ( donut on the outside + croissant on the inside )

My momma and papa!

Birthday boy in da house

What's a blogpost without some unglams?

Our action looks like..
Don: I'm done fighting with you
Me: Mummy!! Kor bully me!

It was a super fun day! Hope my brother enjoyed it!