Monday, 25 August 2014

New Hair Cut and Colour (Aug 2014 )

My hair is very brittle and dry due to countless of bleaching, dyeing, curling and straightening. I literally abused my hair :(

My hair was so hard that when I whipped my hair back and forth, my hair would just stay there. It's that BAD.  I have TONS of flyaways as well.

I knew i had to do something about it so i decided to actually trim and layer it. It's almost impossible for my hair to be healthy again so the only thing i could do is to dye my hair a darker colour to make it look healthier. 

Of course i don't want my hair to look boring so i dyed the ends of my hair reddish pink. So far I'm pretty happy with the results!

Loving my dark hair now as i will no longer have to retouch my hair (aka damaging my new grown hair again)! For now i just hope my hair can grow faster so i can start snipping off my hair bit by bit till i have full virgin hair! 

Speaking of hair, I had eyelash extensions done as well.


        Thanks for reading! xx