Tuesday, 30 September 2014

iPhone 6 Plus review

Finally, i have my very own iPhone 6 Plus! I always wanted an iPhone 6 but of course i did not mention it to my parents as it is crazy to buy during this timing! 

reason 1: The queue is super duper duper duper duper long

reason 2:  the price will eventually drop after a few months. 

My dad wanted to get me an i6 but my mum and brother kept insisting not to as it is not worth it and i'm a bad girl ( oops ). 

Yesterday, my mum told me that my dad actually went down to M1 with the intention of getting for me but sadly there's no stock. 

At night, he asked me if i6 or i6+ is better, i said of course i6+ and he asked me why and stuff. Suddenly, he took out a box and gave it to me. i was like..

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I was completely shocked and my mum was giggling. It is my blessing to have such loving and awesome parents really for actually planning such a surprise out of the blue!

I have really small hands so it was quite hard for me to use at first! But after getting used to it, it is actually okay!

I guess the iPhone 6 plus appeals to adults and samsung users as the size is very similar to Samsung Note 2. 

As for me, i have been an iPhone user since i was primary 5 ( 7 years ago ) so it is the first time i have actually held such a large phone and i'm starting to like it! #teamiphone

I predict i'll be using my phone to watch movies a lot in the future with it's 5.5-inch 1920x1080 LCD screen.

I adore the back view of iPhone 6 plus as well!

As you can see, the iPhone 6+ has changed it's lock button to the right side, similar to android phones.

I love how thin the phone is! It is 7.11 thick ( or should i say, THIN ) and 172g!

The volume buttons have changed as well!

This is my 2nd favourite thing about the phone- the CAMERA. Can you see the difference in quality? Also, the new IOS have self-timer too which is so useful!

Unlike iPhone 5, iPhone 6 now has a protruding camera which i find it okay since they are able to produce such amazing image quality!

iPhone 6+

iPhone 5

So what's my favourite thing about iPhone 6+? 


2915 mAh battery
15 hours video
 12 hours browsing

I usually charge my iPhone 5 about 3 times a day as the battery life is really really horrendous!

So thankful to have this! I really recommend this phone!

*p.s it does not bend*

I would like to thank my dad again. He is always providing me with everything. Both my needs and wants. He is the best father and i could not ask for more. He never fails to make me smile or laugh. #papasumandmeimeisumforever