Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My Thoughts
I miss the past. 

I really wish i could travel back in time. 

I love the period of time where technology isn't so advance yet. 

Am i the only person who thinks this way?


I'm not sure if you guys felt like you are unwanted by others before. Like you are not significant to anyone. I know i do.

Always being people's "back up plan"
Always being the one behind/ at the corner of group photos
Being the one sitting at the outer most corner while watching movies
Always behind behind friends who are walking together and unable to squeeze in to fit

That feeling obviously sucks.

I try so hard to convince myself sometimes to think that "oh it's no big deal i'm just over thinking". But sometimes you can't keep lying to yourself.  I may seem okay on the outside but deep inside, it's breaking and destroying my confidence.

Will this ever change?