Monday, 22 September 2014

SP Perfumery and Cosmetic Workshop

I was invited by Singapore Polytechnic to attend their Perfumery and Cosmetic Workshop two weeks ago with some other bloggers and i had a great time there! I can't believe that i could have the opportunity to make my own perfume!

Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science
The Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science is the only local diploma programme that provides training in chemistry with applications in perfumery and cosmetic science. You will have an integrated learning experience where you will build a strong chemistry foundation and apply your knowledge in specific applications using your senses. SP is the only institute of higher learning that offers such training locally. The training you receive will be highly sought after not just locally but internationally.

Mr Koji, a former Senior Perfumer from Takasago International in Japan,  briefed and let us smell different raw scents like earl grey, rose, apple etc.! To be honest, some smelt really sweet and nice while some others stink! However, after concocting our own perfume, i realised that the ones that stink initially smelt really nice after being mixed with other scents!

So we learnt some of the basics on how perfume is being made.
Top Note
  The scent that people would smell the first. Usually light and refreshing but it's also the first smell to actually fade away.
Middle Note
  The middle note can be defected anywhere between a few minutes to an hour after application and it is considered the 'heart' of a fragrance.
Base Note
It is rich and deep that provides depth and it's longer lasting than the top and middle.

After the briefing, we started working on our own perfumes. We were given certain scents to choose from and we were told to fill our bottles with a total of 100 drops ( a mix between top, middle and base notes ) and then diluting them using ethanol.

SP is also so kind to actually give us their own perfume named " Splash" which would be in one of the pictures below!


I had a blast that morning and made tons of new friends! Thank you SP again for inviting me to this wonderful workshop.

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