Thursday, 16 October 2014

My M.A.C Lipstick haul+ review

I'm back with a Lipstick haul from one of my favourite stores, M.A.C. I used to think that M.A.C products are extremely pricey as a child but actually they are really affordable! 

People often say that you get what you paid for. Well in this case i feel that you get more than what you paid for! 

This time i purchased 2 lipsticks, 2 lipliners and a lipstick primer. So let's have a look shall we!

I purchased the prep+prime lip primer. I was in love with M.A.C prep+prime eye primer pod so i decided to actually get the lip primer as well! It makes your lipsticks stay on longer and also, remove some of the nasty lip lines for a more perfect finish! 


The first lipstick is a matte one called Nouvelle Vogue and it's limited edition so if you are interested, do purchase it soon! It's the Living Legend series collection .

As it is a matte lipstick, it would not be as moisturising. You have to ensure that your lips is well-moist with no dry flakes for a smooth and nice finish. 

Nouvelle Vogue has a neutral blue-pink shade with a warmer undertone that is strongly pigmented.

The second lipstick is an amplified lipstick called Show Orchid.

For people who do not know what is an amplified lipstick, it is a creamy lipstick that has slight shimmer but still heavily pigmented.

Show Orchid has a bright pinkish colour with a bluish purple undertone

Thanks for reading!