Monday, 30 March 2015

Korea Part 1 (2015)

After a long hiatus, I am back to blogging again. I went to Korea for 9 days with my friends and boyfriend. This is my first time going on a trip without my family and I was so excited! 

I did not bring my DSLR there so pardon the poor quality! 


The amount of things I'm holding on. 

We went to Gyeongbokgung Palace on the first day and it was okay okay. I guess it's a great place to take photos! 

My favourite meal! The beef hot pot was so good! They gave a lot of beef and the soup was just scrumptious. 

Noryangj i n F ish market
This is the place where you can get the freshest seafood and head to any restaurants located on the second level to eat it! You can request for raw, grilled, soup, fried or anything!

I tried the live octopus for the first time. I was terrified of it at first but after my first bite, I was like OMG. It was delicious and fresh! Do chew it properly before swallowing down though as it may get stuck in your throat or stomach. It was kind of hard to pick them up from the plate as they keep moving and sticking to the plate! 
We went cycling at Han River and it was super cold I swear. It was very sunny but it was so cold that we actually love and appreciate the sun so much! It was quite cooling to cycle. 
(7 degrees)

However if I am in Singapore exercising outdoors, I would wish that I own a pair of oakley glasses if I were to be running or doing any cardio under the scotching sun. The view was just great, I felt so carefree. I love the bicycles too as it has the "japanese feel" to it! 

So this is Part 1 of it! Stay tune for Part 2 as more photos will be posted!