Sunday, 5 April 2015

18th Birthday

1st Apr i l T h e su r p r I s e
Had an extremely awful start.

I did not have any mood to see anyone on that day. However, Daryl and Cheryl told me that they were initially heading to town but it rained so they wanted to come to my house to hangout. I suggested another day but they said they were already at my neighborhood shopping mall (?!) when I'm still at Eunos, the other end of Singapore.

When they came to my house, they were acting quite strangely and told me they want to go to my room. I walked towards my room and I realized the door was closed and immediately I thought : oh shit, forgot to tidy up my room so my maid decided to close the door to prevent me from embarrassing myself.

Want to know what happens next? Watch the video J 

I was so shocked and happy at the same time! I was SHOCKPY! (retarded but please bear with me). I thought that they won't be doing anything for me. However of course in my own personal dreamland, I did wish and daydream that they will give me surprises and stuff, but ... NAH they probably won't. BUT THEY DID.

I love those heart-shaped balloons to the max. I am one of those silly girls who watch way too much fairytale/romantic movies and look at “relationship/friendship goals” on twitter way too often, wishing and hoping to receive flowers, balloons, letters etc but seriously we are in Singapore, the chances of that ever happening is like 20%.
Cookies and cream ice-cream cake, my favourite.

Cheryl texted me a few days back asking me if she should get cookies and cream cake or milo cake for Kellyn (our friend) for her birthday next week. It turns out that it was for me. #jokeoftheyearfornotknowingwhenitwassoobvious

We decided to have Dominos for our dinner. 

Speaking of which, I have chanced upon a website that have lots of coupons and deals for online shopping like:

Food- Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC etc
Fashion- Zalora, Forever 21, Asos, H&M, Reebonz etc 

Travel- Airasia, Tigerair, Singapore Airlines etc

There are many other participating companies like and Ikea too! If you are a typical Singaporean who goes insane for deals and coupons like me, you can check out the website here.

After dinner, I decided to set up a mini Cinema in my room by using my projector. #budgetlifeislikethat

We watched 22 Jumpstreet because Daryl kept saying “my name is jeff” the whole entire day! It was kind of fun. Thank you guys J 

2nd Apr i l Legal Day 1
Excited for my day as I am going out with my class clique for some jamming and dancing session at St. Games, thinking that there will be a 2nd surprise or like a traditional birthday bash. 

When Lucas came, he handed me a Tiffany and Co. paper bag and I was like OMGG, and he said that my boyfriend wants me to have it. I did not expect anything from Shenghung as he went back to Taiwan after our Korea trip. That gift totally made my day and I absolutely love it! Miss him so much but it's alright as I am flying to Taiwan next week! Can't wait to see him J 

Ended my day dining at The Assembly Ground with my family. 

Can't believe I'm already 18. Growing up has both its benefits and drawbacks. It comes with more freedom but at the same time, greater responsibilities. 

Regine Sum