Friday, 10 July 2015

Hyde & Co- Classic Meets Contemporary

Took a trip down to Hyde & Co to give it a try after seeing pictures on Instagram! It is an English-themed cafe located cozily along North Bridge Road. I am in love with the minimalist interior design!

The service was marvelous. Everything was served in less than 10 minutes continuously, and there is no service charge! 

Apple Cinnamon Chammomile Tea $12
They are known for their wide range of English teas (45 tea flavours). I highly recommend you to try the teas instead of the lattes as you can get lattes anywhere.

Butterscotch Popcorn Waffles $14
Buttermilk waffles with homemade butterscotch sauce, popcorn, banana, crushed nuts with a scoop of Artisanal vanilla bean ice cream.
“Yummy! Best out of all that I’ve tried on that day” 

The Big Ben $21(smoked salmon) $18(bacon) 
Toasted muffin with mushroom jam, poached eggs, mesclun, roasted potatoes with creamy hollandaise.
“Won't go crazy over the potatoes. Egg benedict 
was average tasting but smoked salmon was good!"

The Big Work $21 
“Overpriced “breakfast” that I can cook at home"  

Speedy Gonzales $15
Slow braised 6-hour pulled pork marinated in homemade BBQ sauce, creamy scrambled eggs, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo atop a tortilla.
“Personally, I do not really enjoy this dish because 
it just feels like a bunch of ingredients laid out on a wrap.” 

Pulled Pork Man Tou $12
Slow cooked pulled pork in homemade barbecue sauce and slaw, sandwiched between deep fried man tou.
“Man tou for a burger? Unique!" 

Hyde's Chilli Crab Pasta $16 
Crab meat tossed in a Housemade Arrabiatta topped with herbed panko and crispy basil. 
“Quite spicy indeed! It is nice and pleasant
 but I will not come back for more" 

I was kind of that I did not get the chance to try out their scones and crumpets as I went at 1pm and the afternoon tea is only available from 3pm-6pm.

Also, I came because I love British food, so when they changed to a new menu ( A new High | A New Hyde Out ), incorporating Chinese culture into their dishes, I was kind of disappointed as I can no longer find their old dishes which looks so appealing on my Instagram feed!

Will I ever head down again?
For lunch probably not, but I will definitely want to try for their afternoon tea and desserts!

Hyde & Co

785 North Bridge Road

Singapore 198753
Tel: 9369 4369

Web Page:
Facebook Page: 
Instagram: hydeandco 

Regine Sum