Sunday, 25 March 2012


Hey guys it's my first GIVEAWAY *applause*

excited or not ?! hahah ! I'm not rich, i do not have excellent giveaways to give so far and i am definitely not doing this to seek attention or whatever. i am doing this cause i need help ! If you are a close friend of mine, you should know... 
 that my studies are like abcrngoanvlkfnbdfkn !!!! 

with that being said, if you are a nice friend/stranger/unknown person, please help by participating in this giveaway ! 

1. Must be following me on twitter @ REGINEsaysHii

2. Must be a friend of mine on facebook @ Regine

3. Email me @ your studying tips and tricks or should i just say " study routine " . (it must work out for you)

4. include your name , phone number , what kinda phone you are using, your twitter and facebook name in the email too ! 

IT IS THAT SIMPLE ! Creative, helpful study routines would be chosen and would be shared with everybody, and also would be winning

- A Free Customised Handphone case with your name ( DESIGNS NOT BAD ONE OKAY)
- And a limited edition Creative Kit Pilot worth $27.90 ! ( contains many pilot pens, markers etc in one box )

As i said the giveaways not really very attractive lah.. but like at least you can get it for free by just giving me your study tips right ! Somemore my blog not famous = better chance of winning.

SO DO EMAIL ME ! This ends on 5TH APRIL 2012 ! do share this with friends! i hope i will be getting many creative suggestions !

Thanks everybody! ^^