Sunday, 8 April 2012

Randomness is in me

Hey guys i havent been blogging for like two weeks ! Nothing to post + nothing to post about ! Anyways, i went out with GINFANG two days back and we had a great time at orchard ! Love her max max max <3 <3 We took some retarded photos together and some are really unglam but who cares !

oh and we went to PONTIAN noodles at Cineleisure ( Graffiti Cafe ) to eat and when i was queuing to buy food and she and i was texting and idk why but i find it sorta funny LOL

ohoh and we ate the awesome-est popcorn ever, they have the craziest flavours !
you can find it in Orchard, Ion basement level ! they have flavours like Grape Soda, Tomyum, Bubble Gum, Caramel etc ! BUTTERSCOTCH IS OUR FAVOURITE <3 

So be prepared for unglam retarded photos ! I wore grey contacts and my eyes look super light in picts TT