Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bid Farewell

On Friday, after my interview i went out with Huiyi ! She was leaving for Nepal and so it was like a farewell outing ! Went to orchard to shop and eat ! We went to Topshop, forever 21 etc and bought quite a lot of stuff.

Soon, huiyi started to get hungry and she wanna eat something nice ! And so we decided to head to Marche to nomnom (:

Cream of Mushroom !

This is super cheesy until i buay tahan...

what's wrong ? ): 

On Saturday, after my training at McPherson, i went to meet up with my girl <3 She is the amazing 18 year old Rebecca ! This is only my 2nd time meeting her ! We met at some random flea and then took pictures and followed each other on twitter and BAM, we are friends hehee. We are so sociable :D 

My training end a little late, and we were supposed to go to a flea together but i was too late ): She got a lot of amazing stuff ! So when we meet up it was like already 3 ? ): We headed to orchard to nomnom and shop !

We had lunch at 4PM omg. That was like the first meal i had for the day :'( we went to eat Ippudo ! First time and when they say whether i want " soft , medium or hard" i was like WHAT ?! then i realised that they are referring to the noodles LOL.

hello <3

our ramen is here !

hmm i think this post i do not even have one photo that is glam ...

Today we went to visit our Sec 1 form teacher Mr Benny Ng ! He left our school to start his own business, which is designing bags. Finally met him today, super happy.. He is like the best teacher ever ! His bags and workplace is super chio.. and he was even featured on tv, magazines, newspapers etc !

So do check out (:

We went to meet up and eat Macs at first ! 

joan only wants me to take picture of her hair and not her face...

whatttt.. my hair like got shorter ):

my zazi photography and joan not wanting to show her face again ): 

mr ng throwing away rubbish !

unglam again..


hello mr ng :3

cui photo again ARGHHH. 

Tomorrow shall be a topic post ! If i can actually think of one in the morning... Gonna teach kids how to bake tomorrow and will be going to the Singapore Flyer for the event (: till then !