Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Hair Essentials

Everyone wants beautiful shiny hair don't they ? Well this are my daily hair products that i need !

SHAMPOO i know everyone uses shampoo. For me, i will use a variety of them. Mainly because if we keep using the same shampoo every single day, our hair will grow immune to that shampoo and what if you go for swimming or go overseas and can't use the same shampoo ? BAM ! you are gonna have a bad hair day.. Plus, you see advertisements,  within 7 days you can see the effect of shiny hair etc right? They do work, but if you use long term, you will realise that they slowly lose effects right?

SO ! I change my shampoo every once a week and i alternate between this two shampoos ! 
Essential damage care Nuance Airy Shampoo. I LOVE THE SMELL. I do use the orange one too. But this will make your hair feel light weight and bouncy ! this is my favourite one.
For the other, i use Sunsilk !

CONDITIONER I do not use conditioner that often as it really damages your hair ! i used it for like once a week (: it helps to remove tangles etc. I used the same brand as the shampoos !

SERUM It is to make your hair non-frizzy and it serves as an oil ! I use it everytime after my hair is 95% dry (: 

My all-time favorite serum is the Loreal's. It is really good !

HAIR MASK hair mask are there to give that extra treatment to your hair to leave it smooth and manageable.

i used the Essentials Hair Masks, both pink and orange. 

also, the moroccon argan oil

this is super nourishing i swear. 

HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY is to prevent heat from damaging your hair. Be it the sun, or the hot iron tools we use to straighten our hair, curl our hair etc.  

the good brands i know are :

Chi Heat Protectant Spray

and the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray

this two are quite hard to find.. i guess you guys can try purchasing online? Spray this on and wait for it to dry before touching your hair with any hot tools (: 

i also spray on Liese Blowdryer Spray before i dry my hair and whenever i'm about to go outdoors. It smells really good too !

DRY SHAMPOO did you guys know that it is not good to wash your hair everyday? It is clearing up all your natural oils. Leaving your hair dry and brittle, at least for those people who have dry and normal hair. And don't you feel uncomfortable when your hair is super oily and smelly yet you just washed your hair ? Well use dry shampoo ! They do come in powder or spray form. 

i used the spray form. It leaves your hair smelling fresh and they will absorb all the oil. Leaving your hair clean ! I used the 

Batiste dry shampoo original ( purchased at Venus )
actually there are scented ones as well but i haven't try them yet ! I am really satisfied with this (: 

SO, this are the few basic essentials that you must have ! Well i haven't really covered Hair Spray as i haven't really found one that i fancy.. but i hope this post helps you in some way ! Love you guys <3 Muacks