Monday, 26 November 2012

New GV+Movie event : Breaking Dawn Twilight Part 2

Hey guys whats up ! I'm sure Breaking Dawn is a super hot topic now right cos it is showing in Cinemas !! Team Edward or Jacob ?


Here is a trailer for you guys if you haven seen it !!

I think it is quite a good movie to watch ! I love the whole twilight series except for New Moon, it bores the shit outta me somehow (oops !) I watched it with OMY bloggers and we can bring a plus one with us for this movie event !

Guess who i brought ? It's the one and only....

Like his face? Follow him on twitter @Spenceryeoo then ! 
Love this guy a lot ! Although we just met like for a month and only met like thrice so far, but he is a very very very nice guy who is very caring ! Friends for life <3 <3 <3 

For guys who think that Twilight is gay, just try watching it ! Give it a chance ! Doesn't mean that girls who read the books and watch the movies and go siao about Edward and Jacob means that it is gay for guys to also watch right ( ok maybe ). 

BUTT, Spencer gave it a chance and watched it with me that day. Although he slept through the middle part ( him sleeping is a very common sight. we met thrice and i caught him sleeping twice and it is quite entertaining to see him dozing off) , when it ended he said it was quite nice and he wanna watch again ! 



ANYWAY, we watched it at City Square Golden Village
This is their 11th location. This brand-new GV multiplex will house six cinema auditoriums with a total seating capacity of 1082, of which one auditorium will be a unique and intimate 42-seater Couple’s Cinema’. All six cinemas will have stadium seating, ample leg room, wall-to-wall digital screens with crystal-clear 2K digital projection, 7.1 Dolby digital sound and premium-grade EAW® speakers from the United States.

I'm sure you guys are wondering " what is a couple cinema? " It is featuring a unique seating layout where pairs of cinema seats are situated a distance away from one another, allowing couples to cosy up to each other in their personal private space. Tickets are also sold in pairs.

Committed to finding ways to offer patrons a unique movie-going experience, Golden Village seeks to empower movie-goers at GV City Square with their new campaign, “I RUN THE CINEMA @ GV CITY SQUARE”  

Book your movie tickets early for the best ticket price.
Promotion period: From 28 Nov,
Applicable to: 1 hall, 1 movie session every Wednesday
Booking and Purchasing of tickets: Only at GV City Square Box Office or at

- Enjoy ticket price as low as $5 when you book early.


Choose any 2 items for just $8.50. Selection includes Nachos, Jumbo Hotdog, Regular Popcorn or Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.
Movie patrons will be able to mix-and-match their preferred choice of snacks with a $8.50 snack purchase.


Screen your home-made videos on the big screen
Aspiring film-makers will now have a more affordable screening venue with the availability of GV City Square’s new 42-seater hall. Cosy and ideal for corporate bookings, independent film producers & students who wish to premiere their original films may approach Golden Village to discuss a possible screening.
The cinema hall also has capabilities to host functions and small-scale events with the availability of a convertible function room.


Decide which movie to be played.
From 3 Dec 2012.
Applicable to one movie session on first Monday of the month.
First patron to purchase minimum 4 tickets for the session will get to decide the movie to be screened from a selection of titles.
Purchase of tickets on the screening day at GV City Square Box Office only.

Here are some of the pictures we took after the show !! 
My super bright flash almost blind my eyes and i have no idea how miranda managed to keep her eyes open !!

Me acting like a superstar HAHA

Outfit of that day !

Love this girl so much ! <3 She really understands me and stand by me !

Really enjoyed the movie and i thank OMY for inviting me for this event ! Will blog soon again! xx