Friday, 7 December 2012

Changi Seaview Chalet

Heyhey peeps! Just got back from hospital and i swear i look damn cui. Stomach and head still hurts !

My holidays sucks really badly. Emotional Regine doing nothing all the time, stay at home stone, wasting time feeling sad. Now i find it not worth it anymore! We should live life happily and treasure everyday and not waste it. So from today on, i will try my best to make everyday as fruitful as possible, hopefully take more pictures and do interesting stuffs so i can blog about it (:

Anyways i went on a chalet with my family on the 30th November for 4 days! My mum asked me to invite my friends over and i really didn't know who to invite. So i was like on twitter and tweeting with Jiani out of randomness. I didn't really know her then! And then Yancheng joined in the conversation so i just asked if they want to come to my chalet and they say ok HAHA!

So we created a whatsapp group and soon we are known to be the " HIGH CLASS BIMBOS TRIO "! Cute right hehee. We talk random shit and we really care for each other A LOT. 24/7 there for each other.

This is a picture collage of how the chalet looks like and the SNACKS geez what a sin. Prettyy right! It's pretty to me cos it's purple and my favorite color is purple so yea!

I can never leave my phone sigh!

Yes my eyes are too awesome that you only can look at them. Cos i'm happy that my double eyelids can be seen HAHA lame.


Hello cutie

Here is yancheng trying to open the wine and my mum encouraging. 9 seconds only HAHA. Fail video though, what can you expect from regine sia! ): 

AND HERE IS...Yes we look calm and awkward, but if you see us in action.. We are like maniacs ! Love them like a love song.

Heading to town to shop and then meet with Yangheng to watch Pitch Perfect ! It is such an awesome show that i have to watch again. Shall try to take as many pics as possible this week to at least blog something. Alrights till then !