Saturday, 12 January 2013

Jason and Limaran's Wedding Day <3

Jason and Limaran's wedding was on 5th January which was on last Saturday. It is my first time going for a Catholic church wedding and it is indeed memorable. Always seeing english movies having the "i dos" and the songs etc and i get to experienced it! It was so cool and touching at the same time. 

Limaran and her brother!

Yay for Jason and Limaran


Candid shot of my mum taken by me heh. Not bad right.

so pretty and handsome !!

my daddy

here comes the bride and groom!

Whutttttt haha funny face ah.

Whoops focus wrong !

Jason strikes again.

Didn't know Manfred is a tai tai.

Love my goofy aunt!

Bad lighting but kinda cool still!

Had a great night. Wonder how will my wedding be next time. Alright that's it for this post. Thanks for viewing! (: