Friday, 18 January 2013

Nooks House Of Pancakes

Hey what's up people! Do you guys like pancakes? Do you enjoy drawing? I'm sure many of you guys heard of this before and this post is just for you! And the coolest thing is my ex boyfriend's classmate/ my school graduated senior/ model colleague was working there! Not sure about now though.

Location :
Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat, #01-03, Singapore 598123

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday, 12pm-10pm
Saturday, 10am -10pm
Sunday, 10am -7pm

Phone : 6466 1811

You can find many design ideas, promotions, competitions and even upload your own designs and your own Nook experience photos up on their Facebook page :)

We went for the $10/ buffet promotion. 
Not sure whether it is still available but you could call and ask :) The downside of all this is that they did not state the prices on their Facebook page or website. 

The $10 promotion includes : unlimited free toppings (selected) + one colored flavored squeezer bottle.

It would be more fun going with many friends so each of you can grab a different color bottle and can have more colors to do your designs!
Kop from Damien's camera

Photo : Damien's blog

Photo: Damien's Blog

Damien drew our names! :D

Tip: If you wanna take picture of your diy pancakes, please put the pan heat on low. If not it will be CHAODA like the picture above ):

Of course this is drawn by me hehee

I had a wonderful time there! Although finding the place was such a hassle oh my. We took a very long time, going here and there, taking bus here and there. And we left the place, i realized i could actually take a bus from my house and i will be able to reach there LOL.. it is somewhere near beauty world! Walkable distance, I'm sure people who go to lan and pool at bukit timah area should know the place. Definitely worth trying out. Will go back again. 

Damien blogged about this last night so do check his one out :)