Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

This year's Chinese New Year was such a rush. Don't even have the festive mood at all! Three days of Chinese New Year past by in a flash and the next thing i know, School STARTS. See many people complaining on twitter that CNY doesn't feel like CNY. Agree 101 %.

My daddy look so cute. Family reunion dinner!

with my cousins! 
My brudder purposely making the innocent face.

My mummy and aunt!

Candid shot of Sze Hong oopsies

Some of the iPhone photos i taken during CNY!

Fisheye up close is so cute i swear!

I miss those days when i was young, have to buy all new clothes, bags, shoes and everything. MUST BE ALL NEW.  Nowadays people don't really give a damn about the Chinese New Year tradition. Remembering those days where everyone gets so many red packets, hearing " Ah girl ah, so fast grow up already ah? Got boyfriend liao ah?" And now, there isn't much interaction with others. Everyone just eat eat, give/take angbao and that's it. 

Hope next year will be a better one!