Thursday, 21 February 2013

Food Review: PORN's

Do you love to eat Thai Food? That spiciness, that sourness, that sweetness.. Well.. i am going to tempt you by introducing you to..



Maybe you have heard of this restaurant before and YES! It is owned by the oh so famous...

Pornsak Prajakwit

He is a full time radio DJ, mediacorp television host and he runs PORN's ( 5 outlets in singapore ) and is also the co-founder of early childhood education center FUN.LEARN.SHARE.chinese lab.

Here is a picture of him:

The outlet i went is at Buona Vista ( Star Vista )

I really love how the place looks so funky and nice. 


TOMYUMGOONG ( with prawn )
Like most tomyum, this taste sour/spicy. Rating : 7/10

TOM KHA TALAY (coconut soup with seafood)
This is da bomb! It's sweet with a tiny spiciness. Love this. 
Rate : 9/10

GANG KAEW GAI ( green curry with chicken )
Rate: 6.5/10

Kapow moo ( stir-fried minced pork with basil leaves )
Rate: 6.5/10

Pak Boong Kapi ( thai prawn past kangkong )
This is quite delicious to me but however if you don't really take chili at all, maybe you shouldn't try!
Rate: 8/10

Gai Tor Ga Thiam ( Deep friend chicken with garlic )
This chicken is very crispy and i must say i find it quite addictive! Rate : 8/10

Khao Pad Sapparod ( Pineapple fried rice )
The pineapple rice is not too sweet not too bland. I think it is just right! But just eating this won't make you feel satisfied as it won't give you the 'omg so niceeeee' moment.
Rate : 7.5/10 

Pad Thai Talay ( Seafood pad Thai )
Rate : 7/10

KHAO NIEW MAMUANG ( Sticky rice w/ Mango )
The sticky rice is very nice and soothing. Very addictive to me. There is a little coconut taste which makes it so good. However, i don't think that the mango goes well with the sticky rice. But still i rate it 7.5/10 !

KHAO NIEW TURIAN ( Sticky rice w/ Durian )
I gotta rate this 10/10. SUPER RECOMMENDED. I simply love it. The sticky rice goes so well with the Durian. It's a perfect combination. This is really a must try. I save the best for last !


I would like to thank Open Rice Company and Estelle for inviting me for this food tasting event, and the other bloggers for making that day an enjoyable one (: Thanks for reading!