Saturday, 13 April 2013

My 16th Birthday

The past few posts were all events etc. I will try to do more lifestyle posts in the future! But please bear with me as i am really busy this year that i don't really have the time to update!

It's been such a long time since i last did a lifestyle post. Goshh. Anyway on 2nd April is my birthday! To be honest i was actually dreading for it to come as the previous years, it was horrible. I always plan surprises and stuff for my friends as i want to make it their best birthday ever. I'm crazy right. Maybe that's why i have high expectations and disappoint myself.

On Saturday, jiani, isaiah, john and I went to Adventure Cove to celebrate my early birthday! It wasn't well planned but i still enjoyed myself because of the company. Some crazy friends i have.  I known them for only a few months, and now they are considered the closest to me. Love them so much. This year i'm sort of kinda lazy to bring my camera everywhere i go like in the past, hence now i make do with my phone!

Everything goes wrong when we try to use ActionCam timer at 0.2s.

Some unglam shots of us.

On my birthday itself, it started out horrible. Gosh. Close friends of mine didn't even message me or wish me when they see me, but IGNORE ME. Make me keep wondering what i have done to offend them, do i really mean nothing to them? They just walk past me like they don't know me at all. And obviously the emotional me feel so affected and in the end i screwed up my O'levels Chemistry Spa as i was already tearing up. After Chem spa i messaged my mum that i wanna go home. In the end someone dragged me to the canteen and covered my eyes and OMGG laaaaa i was like...

that all my close friends were there. At first they gave me only this saying they have no time to buy a cake but i was already happy. And if you guys didn't know, my surname is Sum. Yeah unique right.

Then suddenly they bring out this cake that they decorated. Aww and they sang me birthday song so loudly in the canteen. Plus there is background song playing in the canteen too due to ongoing events so it's a plus plus HAHA. And we started smashing each other with cream! Love this guys.

most of my peeps in front of the camera 

At night, Jiani Isaiah John and Yangheng came to my house <3 Appreciate their efforts sooooo much. Jiani sacrificed so much for me! And Yangheng is also like my next awesomest friend who decided to cab to my house very late spending like 1.5 hrs here and then cabbing back at like 10.30pm when there's school tomorrow. Awww.

And they lock me out of my room just to put flowers all around. Yeah i'm that old-fashioned. I love flowers and helium balloons heh.

Some shots of the flowers i took using my macro lens!

My favorite cos it's purple. And i love roses!

SO CUTE. angrybirds

Isaiah and his awkward hair. 

Helium balloon yayyyyy

I would like to thank everybody for doing so much for me. <3 MUACKS