Sunday, 19 May 2013

We have every reason to live : UOML

Just a little short update of my life. ( like seriously i will just keep on going and going talking about what i have done for the past few weeks ) I'm so happy that all the crazy drama in my life ended. Now it's just peaceful me. 

Just so you are wondering what is UOML. I just created it for fun. It means : Updates On My Life. Yeah tada.

Sometime back, i went near the St James Power Station around there and there's this open area that sells food. And i have to say.. IT IS SO AWESOME. I think they only opens at night..

If you love fried oyster omelette, you HAVE TO try it out over there! I can say that it is one of the best that i have tried in Singapore. 

So everyone was using Brenoverlays so i decided to try it out too! You can go google it and there are instructions so you can try it out yourself too! Here's da link.

Went to study with Shan Hao and we saw this normal chair beside a GIGANTIC chair and obviously we gotta take a picture.

John came to find me afterwards and when both Shanhao and John saw each other, I WAS SHOCKED. Shanhao actually challenged him LOL. Challenge what you may ask? Tadaa. It was so awkward for me sitting in front of them just doing my work and them sweating.

Went with my brudder for a quick swim in the morning yesterday like for maybe an hour and guess what..

Freaking tan line as i was wearing a tank top to the swimming pool area before going in. Arghh ): 

Ohyeah and i met up with my buddy Yangheng to Rochester Starbucks one fine Monday afternoon to study and it was SOO unproductive. We end up feeling sick of studying and went to Star Vista to lepak and talk crap. And i am in LOVE with his new phone boohoo. Is the new HTC ( dk what it's called). The sound system and screen quality is SO GOOD like tv like that, best of all.. HIS FREAKING PHONE CAMERA OMGGG. Gonna spam pics with him using his phone when i meet him again probably maybe on 1st June with Natasha and Olivia. Miss them so much. 

We ordered some drinks and a slice of cake( forgot whats it called ) When we first ate the cake our face was like cringing saying it's a bad choice and after a few munches we started saying that it's actually not bad hahaha! And he keep saying how unfair it is that i got the cup and he got those disposable type heh.

Shall end this post with a picture of his nice legs and shoes that i ACCIDENTALLY took with camera360.