Friday, 11 April 2014

CNOS 3 Challenge 1- Lifestyle


Here is the final challenge submission (which is the first challenge HAHA ) 

Omg she is one of my favourite bloggers. Super bubbly, friendly, cheerful and PRETTY. 

I LOVE watching movie trailers. It sorts of tell you the main story. It is short and sweet that you will not want to miss a second. It totally captures my full attention, especially comedic movie trailers. I'm lovin it~

However at first, we wanted to do the WAHBANANA style, which is to do what typical singaporeans do but then i figured that most people would do that so... NAH. Hehe.

Story Plot
We actually started by thinking about what youths commonly do. Lepak ah..selfie ah..cheapo ah..beng ah... and a lot more haha.

So after that we planned out our scenes. However we suddenly realised that our age gap won't look convincing enough that we started out as friends. Hence having the story plot to be us, not knowing each other at first and then bump into each other. More logical right!

To be honest, we sort of did the filming in a "impromptu" kind of way. We did not want to pen it down and write our scripts as it will be unnatural and would restrict our brain from thinking out of da box during shooting!

Click HERE if you cannot see the video!

If it isn't obvious enough.. We are trying to be like Qiuqiu hehee. We are huge fans of her show called " Budget Barbie" hence we decided to name ourselves something similar! 
We were thinking of words that rhymes with Barbie and i came up with bunny, and since there were three of us, we are called the Budget Bunnies!! Tada. View Qiuqiu's Budget Barbie Series here! She have 71 episodes already!

We actually had a lot of fun! We laughed a lot until our stomachs were hurting badly. Being with them makes me feel happy! We actually took a many scenes but i edited them out as i think that it was not really funny/energetic but quite dead( first few scenes ) and decided to only use those scenes that we thought were bad as we were messing around! I find that this way, the feeling of the video would be different! Slightly more comfortable and carefree. 

The first few scenes that we took were not bad but we were a bit shy! So i told them , why not we do the fun scenes ( KTV, kinect ) to warm ourselves up. IT WORKED. As we were all super tired, dancing around and singing off-key managed to transform us into an energetic group! 

Troubles we/I faced
As Cherylene is studying and Akemi is working, it was SUPER HARD to meet up to film. Hence we all have to make certain sacrifices to meet up for just a short while! 

Akemi have to miss dance lessons/take half-day work leave, i have to miss my grandmother's birthday and my gymnastics lessons, and Cherylene have to like come down to Orchard too despite having homeworks! Hence we filmed like on weekdays for like 2-3 hours.

I faced the difficulty of bringing all the equipments! Two tripods, one dslr, one semi-dslr and one video recorder. Hence on the last day of filming, i decided to just put all in a luggage and when people stare at me pushing the luggage everywhere in Cineleisure, i'm like "this is SWAG".

I faced troubles editing too. All the deadlines for this competition were so close and i find it hard managing my time properly. 

End up sleeping late like at 2am everyday and waking up at 6am. Hope all my hard work will be paid off! 

Where am i covering...

Selfies initiated by CHERYLENE because the lighting is good. HAHA MUACKS
me and akemi tried cherylene's winking and NO WE CAN'T DO IT. DO NOT JUDGE.

Created a simple BEHIND THE SCENES footage for you guys to enjoy!
we had a lot fun! *air kisses from all three of us*