Saturday, 19 April 2014

UOML: March & April

Hello guys! Sorry i did not post my March updates as it was a hectic month for me! So this post i will show my march and early april updates!

Month of March

I went for my brother's army event thingy. Not sure what it's called but i believe at that time he was "passing out". HAHA oh gosh totally bimbotic. 

After the event, there was a buffet and obviously i chiong for it and took A LOT OF FOOD, talking about 4 plates or so. (cheapskate alert). It was like so yummy laaaaaaaaaaaa, best caterer ever, should have noted down...

I also stayed in Equarius Hotel with my family in Sentosa! The room is so beautiful and i had a great time there!

Went to eat oriental buffet with my family. The food was AWESOME. I usually restrict myself from eating too much but over there... i changed. I was literally taking food after food. If i remember correctly, i ate like 8 durian pratas? I was super full but i still continued eating omg. People stared at me and i heard them murmur saying "that girl can sure eat". SO PAISEH OMGGG. Nevermind the food is awesome. And it's like... 30++/person?

Free flow salmon belly? Totally worth it.

fresh from the oven


this satay taste better than hawker centres.

Went with Isaiah to see John's Cheerleading Showcase! It was fantastic. What a great catchup with them. Proud of John and his friends as on the following Saturday they won 1st! All the girls have like super rock flat stomach and most of them have the 6 pacs abs going on omg. 

With uncletehpeng after CNOS briefing!

After filming with my bunny babes for CNOS video. Love them maxxx.

Month of April

It's my birthday!! Yep that's right, it's on April 2nd. Although it wasn't my best birthday but i still enjoyed it! Was so touched that my grandparents took like an hour long of mrt ride to come to my house to give me angbao omg. I went with my family for dinner nearby and wanted to rush home to get my portable charger (phone batt left with 3%), i was surprised to see my door left opened and when i stepped in, Candy and Wenxin surprised me with a cake and obscene presents HAHA. I was so touched as we hardly talk this year as they were in JC and they actually planned this surprise for me! Feel so lucky to have these two awesome friends. After that, i went out with John and Isaiah to catch a late night movie and they gave me a cake too! I received 4 cakes on that day ( i'm only posting two as i ate the other two without taking picture of it oops).

Went to Westgate ( i think ) and ate at this store ( can't remember the name) but it's at the basement! It is a "HAMBURGER". Instead of buns, they used waffles! It was reasonably priced so i will definitely go back there to eat again! 

Went to Malaysia and i saw this ;( Sigh.. It's saddening.

We went to a cafe in Malaysia and ordered many cups of coffee. It was quite expensive. We talked and talked and left the place, forgetting to pay. We only realised after we left the mall! It was funny as after we left the cafe, we went to shops just beside it and spent like an hour there but the waiter did not even call us back to pay or anything! Not sure how the cafe is going to earn money with waiters as sotong as him..

The start of Poly

On the first day of orientation, i was pretty nervous. I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR. At first i was wearing really formal, and then changed to super casual, ending up wearing 'office wear ' LOL... [black bandage skirt with grey shirt]. When i got there, most of them were dressing so fashionably! They have like pretty colourful hair and stuff. 

Ohya i forgot... I am in Singapore Polytechnic, studying Media and Communication, and currently in class DMC02!! yay.

I feel so much better being in Poly than in Secondary school. Perhaps it's because in Secondary School, i do not blend in well with my school mates because of different mentality and character.

We went to River Safari on the second day for some scavenger hunt and it was TIRINGG. But still, i have to take some "tourist" photos hehee.

This is Amanda! My closest friend in my class. We met on the first day and many people thought that we knew each other long time ago as we 'Clicked' super fast!

All these fishes look like they are in shock.. HAHA

So loving <3

On the bus. Yep that's my group leader making an awkward face HAHA. 

My awesome DMC02!!

On the third day, we went around SP. IT IS SO HUGE.. Why can't it be smaller.. ):

On the fourth day, it was SP Flag Day. We were suppose to reach Tanjong Pagar at 8am and be back at school by 2pm. Guess what, i reached Tanjong Pagar at around 10.30am HAHA. Went around asking for donation for like less than half an hour and it started to rain. So we went to Umi Sushi to nua. 

Then the best thing happened to us. The Umi Sushi Manager approached us to ask if she could take pictures of us eating, so she gave us ALL THESE FOOD FOR FREE. 

We just started eating and laughing while photographers took pictures of us from a distance and the best part is, she donated a lot of coins to help us. Yay to heavier tins!

At around 11.30pm, we decided to head back to Dover HAHA. We reached at 12pm and many other classes were just like us, going back earlier without finishing flag day. Some of them didn't even went out but stay in school to play pool, WHATTTT. We ended up returning our tins at 12.30pm and went home when actually on our timetable, we supposed to end our day at 5pm. 

After we gave our tins, they still gave us 2 CCA points and  a free ice-cream. It was an awesome day hehee!

Can't wait to start school! Every Monday will be a burden to me though because it starts at 8am and ends at 5pm OHMYGOSHHHH. So that's about it for this quick post! Thanks for reading!!!